Vymo captures rich, contextual data automatically.

Your salespeople should spend all of their productive time interacting with customers and prospects. They should not have to report activities manually into CRM systems at the end of the day or week.

Vymo detects activities automatically and captures rich, contextual data in the moment so your salespeople can focus on selling while your sales managers have visibility into their team’s activities.


  • Detect inbound and outbound calls from both the app and the native phone dialer
  • Prompt next best actions based on the type of calls (missed, unreachable, busy, connected).
  • Configurable workflows to set up follow-up tasks from activities without opening the app.
  • Analytics and reports based on call behaviour to correlate efforts with outcomes.
  • Seamless integration on both, Android and iOS, across devices and geographies.


  • Detect visits to customers and partners using geo-fencing intelligence automatically.
  • Prompt next best actions based on time spent, loca- tion and type of partner or customer.
  • Configurable workflows to set up follow-up tasks from activities without opening the app.
  • Suggestions to meet nearby customers and partners based on meetings scheduled.
  • Analytics and reports on coverage, intensity, custom- er engagement and travel expenses.

Emails & Messages

  • Integrations with popular Email & SMS applications for 360° view of all communication.
  • Configurable templates for easy communication with customers and partners.


  • Scan business cards for instant lead capture and update records on the go.
  • Auto-populate fields with details from documents, such as IDs and other documents.
Increase Engagement
Improve data accuracy
Reduce manual data entry
Collect contextual data

Vymo integrates with all major
CRMs and core systems

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