Anne Phey Interview

Anne Phey, a global business consultant, leadership coach, and mindfulness practice leader, shares with us how mindfulness makes better sellers.

How can sales teams practice mindfulness daily?

Mindfulness is being fully present and aware of what’s happening around us and ourselves. Sales teams are constantly under pressure to manage internal stakeholder expectations and work with clients. One can practice mindfulness by bringing awareness to our senses of what we are experiencing, our thoughts, and our emotions. Three simple steps are to:

  • Breathe. Take moments to take deep breaths, such as when we wake up or before we go into meetings. Breathing allows us to connect within for awareness. It calms our nervous system and emotions.
  • Pause. Pause during the day when it gets stressful or before we respond to someone or a situation. The pause allows us to step back, breathe and think before we react. This often gives us time to choose our thoughts, emotions, and how we want to act or respond.
  • Eating. We all need to eat, so slow down when we eat, focus on the taste of each mouthful, and chew mindfully. This allows for better digestion and eating healthily and trains our ability to take better care of ourselves.

Patience and the art of persuasion are key to a salesperson /insurance agent’s role. How does an agent or seller build this through mindful practices?

The art of persuasion is not just a one-way delivery of a great pitch but being able to listen to the real issue and respond with the appropriate solution. Mindful practices help individuals become more aware of the situation, others, and us. This provides a more neutral view, allowing us to be aware of the client’s state of being and to ask the relevant questions to enquire about their desires, challenges, objections, and gifts. By listening mindfully, we are aware of our biases and develop the patience to help clients solve their issues objectively.

What, according to you, is the most challenging part of a salesperson/insurance agent’s role, and what are your tips to help them overcome this?

One of the most challenging roles is to be able to build trust and partnerships with clients. Trust is built through listening, having a calm and confident composure, and being able to meet their needs. Being mindful of the client and their circumstance helps cultivate a non-judgemental approach to respect and listening to the client, which builds great rapport. Sometimes, when we are not mindful to listen to the client, we end up doing a sales pitch that does not resonate. Being mindful of oneself as an agent reduces anxiety and builds one’s confidence to respond calmly and positively to manifest success. Mindfulness can create an awareness to choose when and how to engage, leading to greater success.