Features that make you the Master of Sales productivity

30+ Standard Reports & Dashboards

Use standard reports & dashboards to build your own reports and dashboards

for custom analytics using data stored in Vymo. Analytics & Reporting provides surface metrics

unique to your business and generate instant reports to track your KPIs. Vymo offers

over 30 reports to help the business make data-driven Sales decisions.

Vymo Dashboard

Vymo dashboard is a single view summary of your team’s activities and outcomes. Focus on the important KPIs, targets, activities & business impacting metrics.

Productivity Report

Productivity reports are based on the engagement data generated by each Sales rep to understand the overall productivity of the Sales force. Sales managers have an at-a-glance summary of their team’s productivity and understand the impact of your sales execution.

Build Your Own

Vymo users can generate custom reports via a click-and-drag interface in Vymo and instantly gain business insight. All data captured explicitly & implicitly in Vymo are available for custom reporting.

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