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Partner Relationship Management with Vymo


Partnerships are vital to growing business.

You deserve more than a hacked CRM application to manage your partners and drive best possible outcomes. And so, we’re happy to introduce our latest addition to our #SalesProductivity suite: Partner Relationship Management Plus (PRM+), the best way you can manage your Partner / Merchant / Reseller / Customer relationships and drive best outcomes.



While existing sales automation is geared towards closing leads, they are not uniquely designed to improve outcomes with partners. We understand,

  • Not all partners are equal based on tenure and business potential.
  • Intensity of engagement (frequency, time-spend) is a key metric.
  • Measuring business sourced accurately is critical to improving outcomes.


Partner Relationship Management is complicated since Relationship managers usually have many partners to manage; each with different goals. There are numerous metrics to stay abreast of, disparate from conventional sales metrics. And so, Vymo PRM+ enables:

  • Automated daily calendar planning: using real time algorithms that optimise for business sourced / RM / month.
  • Pre-emptive interventions & coaching: when there is a potential breakdown or scope for improvement in any of the relevant metrics.
  • Greater productivity: to drive up overall engagement, while identifying cases where rep is overloaded or underleveraged.



Recruit. Enable. Engage. Service. Succeed.


1. Recruit

  • Add partners from various sources
  • Create intelligent 360° view of partners
  • Contextually source missing information


Add Partner
Add Partner


Partner 360
Partner 360


Procure Missing Info
Procure Missing Info


2. Enable

  • Separate analytics / algorithms for different activities
  • Capture tribal knowledge from sales reps
  • Contextual recommendations on the go


Capture Tribal Knowledge
Capture Tribal Knowledge


Contextual Recommendations
Contextual Recommendations


3. Engage

  • Capture frequency & time spend
  • Correlate Activities with Outcomes
  • Track all workflow stages


Geo fencing
Geo fencing
Geo coverage report
Geo Coverage Reports


Workflow Stages
Workflow Stages


4. Service

  • Enable your Sales Reps & Partners to create service requests
  • Product & Marketing teams can own TAT goals
  • Convert service requests to cross / up sell opportunities


Create Service Requests
Create Service Requests


TAT Goals
Own TAT Goals


5. Succeed

  • Cross link outcomes to individual activities
  • Identify and analyse real time gaps
  • Connect the right partners with potential customers


Activities Outcomes
Activities <-> Outcomes


Address Real Time Gaps
Address Real Time Gaps


Connect Right Partner To Open Opportunities
Connect Right Partner To Open Opportunities



The solution is currently live with SBI Life Insurance, a joint venture between SBI, India’s largest state-owned banking and financial services company, and BNP Paribas, a French multinational company. SBI Life was looking for a solution to boost partner / advisor engagement in order to source more, ensure swift closure of leads, and create a highly engaged network amongst it’s 100,000 advisor base.

With Vymo PRM+, SBI was able to:

  • minimize time spent on manual data entry via smart workflows and forms
  • avail real-time insights into partners’ performance and engagement history
  • enable route optimization via intelligent map-based and geo-fencing
  • enable timely engagement between Advisors and Relationship Managers


If you’re interested to know more about how PRM+ can help your organisation, send us your details in the form below and we’d be glad to take you through a demo.




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