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Surfing the Sales Engagement Wave

We are proud to share that Vymo has been named a Strong Performer in The Forrester Wave™: Sales Engagement, Q3 2022. (Get your free copy here.)

Sales engagement solutions are a highly valued technology within the sales or marketing tech stack and are now a strategic priority for B2B organizations worldwide. That CRMs are systems of record and scarcely support sales teams on the field is something organizations acknowledge and understand. Sales engagement platforms fill this void through intelligent and insightful support to the entire sales structure, from the agent to the sales head. 

As with everything else, sales have also moved into a hybrid environment, a change that was underway before the pandemic but accelerated during this time. Now sales technology must support this dynamic, hybrid environment that sellers operate in, ensuring customer delight. 

What do sellers need to navigate this hybrid environment?

  • Sharp customer focus: Buyer behavior is constantly shifting, their needs are changing, and their preferred channels of communication are a wide mix. Sellers need solutions that can help engage with this buyer persona, understand these shifts and build seamless buying experiences for them.  
  • Ability to customize: Personalization is emerging as the x-factor for delightful buying experiences and customer loyalty. Sellers should be able to customize products and solutions to align with buyers’ needs. Now, if this has to be done effectively on scale, there is a need for an intelligent AI/ML-enabled solution to determine the next best actions towards each buyer in real-time. 
  • Leverage existing capabilities: Sellers need the tools that can help them optimize the sales of their existing products and solutions. While innovation and creating new products to meet the need of emerging customer personas is pivotal, it is wise to gain deep insights into existing offerings and leverage them optimally for profitability. 
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More importantly, sellers will need access to these tools and technology in an easy-to-use interface that is preferably mobile-first, a single window that caters to all their needs and provide real-time data. Sales engagement platforms tick all these checkboxes for organizations who are looking for Seller 360° solutions to enable their sales teams. 

The Vymo sales engagement platform is built to do precisely this. The platform accelerates the sales process towards conversion through the following features:

Dynamic lead allocation ensures leads are funneled to best-fit agents based on product specialization, funnel efficiency, location, and other rules. 

Nudge sales engagement through contextual advice on best behaviors to improve conversions on leads and flag learning interventions where necessary.

Automated lead workflows configuring various sales processes, including interfacing between disparate teams.

Prioritization based on business rules (policy amount, renewal date, etc.) and nudging customer engagement proactively.

Prescriptive nudges that align incentives and goals to activities and improve time spent on activities, thereby improving sales productivity. 

Rich analytics,  real-time data, and automated event-based triggers that help scale up manager effectiveness

As the latest report says sales engagement platforms are built to optimize sales in a hybrid world. 

Get your complimentary copy of the full report,  The Forrester Wave™: Sales Engagement, Q3 2022.

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