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Transforming Retail Lending in Financial Institutions Via Deeply Integrated Onboarding Journeys

Customer onboarding and loan disbursement within banks and financial institutions is a pretty complex process because of the number of stakeholders and teams involved and the amount of dispositions with each client engagement. Beyond this, the process also involves multiple different systems for customer verification, eligibility checks, EMI computations, etc. due to which an above-average technical competency becomes a prerequisite for any sales representative or relationship manager to have. Furthermore, multi-level stakeholder approval processes add to this complexity, which leads to the process often being plagued by inefficiencies.

Current Scenario

In the lending onboarding journey from the financier’s perspective, multiple personas are involved, including the relationship manager, underwriter, risk control unit, builder (in housing finance), dealer (in auto loans), and others. This holds true for most lending processes. However, from the customer or borrower’s viewpoint, the relationship manager or ground-level salesperson serves as the sole point of contact with the lender. Consequently, it’s crucial for the relationship manager to have all key information in one place and stay updated on the status of each loan application in real-time.

With access to all the necessary information, the next step is to translate it into actionable items for relationship managers to enhance customer engagements. Continuous improvement is essential in sales and customer relationship management, achievable only by capturing data accurately and breaking it down into actionable insights. This is also a key focus area for managers aiming to elevate their ground-level salespeople into high-performing customer relationship managers.

Beyond this, the customer onboarding and loan disbursement process also has a very dynamic nature and takes place in tandem with customer engagement and negotiations. While most digital onboarding and CRM platforms offer solutions in this space, encompassing each of the client dispositions and end to end stakeholder workflows becomes a challenge to include in the scope for each of these solutions.

Vymo’s Retail Lending Module

Recognizing the need for a streamlined and efficient solution, Vymo is introducing “Seller Lending,” a groundbreaking feature within our enterprise sales engagement solution. This end-to-end customer onboarding journey revolutionizes the loan disbursement process, enabling banks and financial institutions to onboard new customers and sanction loans to both new and existing customers seamlessly. Vymo’s seller lending has offerings for a wide range of loans, from home loans to personal loans to auto loans and more. With this journey based value addition, Seller Lending aims to transform the loan disbursement experience for financial institutions and their customers.  As part of the seller lending journey, Vymo offers :

1.Streamlined Customer Onboarding:
A seamless and intuitive customer onboarding journey, eliminating the hassle and complexity traditionally associated with loan applications. This streamlines the workflow and allows users to move back and forth through different steps of the process.

2. Effortless Co-Applicant Addition:
Adding co-applicants to loan applications with Vymo is simple. Relationship managers can easily include spouses, family members, or business partners, making the process easier and speeding up loan approval.

3.Robust KYC and Eligibility Checks:
Vymo conducts KYC and eligibility checks to meet regulatory standards and reduce risk. With Vymo’s multi-level approvals process, involving stakeholders from various departments is simplified.

4.Comprehensive Document Management:
Managing documents is crucial for loan disbursement, and Vymo makes it easier with its OCR-based document upload and verification, ensuring accuracy and compliance during applications.

5.Efficient Sign and Payment Processing:
After verifying documents and confirming details, Vymo helps with sign and payment processing, enabling customers to electronically sign loan agreements and make payments smoothly.

6.Application Checklist and Status Tracking:
Vymo also provides an application checklist and status tracking feature, allowing relationship managers to monitor the progress of loan applications in real-time.

7.360-Degree Customer View:
Seller Lending offers a 360-degree customer view, giving bank employees a complete overview of each customer’s financial profile, loan history, interactions and more. This allows personalized engagement and tailored loan options, boosting customer satisfaction and loyalty.


Vymo’s Seller Lending journey represents a paradigm shift in the way banks and financial institutions approach loan disbursement. By offering an end-to-end customer onboarding journey with seamless integrations, Vymo streamlines the loan disbursement process and enhances the overall customer experience. As financial institutions strive to stay competitive in today’s market, Vymo emerges as a key differentiator, enabling them to drive efficiency, mitigate risk, and deliver value to customers.

Sreenivas Gattu

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Sreenivas is a product marketer orchestrating product success through innovative positioning, sales enablement, and cross-functional collaboration. Outside of work, he can be found playing sports, engaging in gaming, or learning to play a new musical instrument.

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