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Unlocking Partner Potential with ML-Based Tiering

In the fast-paced world of business, high-performing partners are essential for success and can include suppliers, distributors and financial backers. These partners contribute significantly by ensuring quality inputs, expanding market reach, and efficiently managing operations. Identifying and nurturing these partners can be streamlined through automated tools and technologies, reducing human error and saving time, thus ensuring optimal collaboration and sustained growth.

Vymo’s innovative approach leverages machine learning and comprehensive data analysis to automate partner tiering, transforming this labor-intensive task into a streamlined, accurate, and insightful process. Here’s how:

Data-Driven Insights

Vymo utilizes a robust set of data points and categorizes your partners across tiers to enable easy decision-making:

  1. Metrics: Key performance indicators over a one-year timeframe, such as Leads Won, Average Premium Amount, and Unique SP Interactions.
  2. Attributes: Branch-level attributes to compensate for any missing individual partner contact data.
  3. Activity Data: Detailed logs of planned and completed activities, including metrics like Percentage Completion and Meeting Duration.

Advanced Modeling Techniques

Vymo’s approach combines Principal Component Analysis (PCA) and K-means clustering to create meaningful partner tiers:

  1. Principal Component Analysis (PCA): This technique reduces data complexity, highlighting the most significant patterns and trends.
  2. K-means Clustering: Partners are grouped into three clusters, forming the basis for Gold, Silver, and Bronze tiers.
  3. Partner Activation Model: This model distinguishes between active and inactive partners, providing deeper insights into partner engagement levels.

Monthly Implementation and Benefits

Running the Partner Tiering model at the beginning of each month ensures partners are consistently placed into the appropriate performance tiers. This automated approach delivers several key benefits:

  1. Optimizes your allocation of resources: Focus your resources on high-performing Gold tier partners to maximize return on investment. By targeting your top partners, you can ensure that your efforts are yielding the best possible results.
  2. Improves partner engagement: Tailor your engagement strategies based on partner tiers and activation status. Customized approaches foster stronger relationships, leading to more effective collaboration and improved partner satisfaction.
  3. Streamlines operations: Automating the tiering and activation process reduces manual effort and saves time. This efficiency allows your team to concentrate on strategic initiatives and value-added activities instead of administrative tasks.


Vymo’s ML-based Partner Tiering revolutionizes the way businesses manage their partner networks. By automating and refining the tiering process with advanced data analysis and machine learning, Vymo helps organizations make more informed decisions, optimize resource allocation, and enhance partner engagement.

Transform your partner management strategy with Vymo and experience the benefits of a more efficient, data-driven approach!

Sayan Kumar Roy


Sayan takes care of APAC Product Marketing. His primary work revolves around the Go-To-Market strategy. After work, he’s a reader and avid traveler.

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