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Vymo Goals: Realtime Sales Tracking to Help Your Team Ace the Game

Sales people are always busy. They usually have a packed calendar and need to make the most of the working day. All the work that they do is aimed at closing deals and meeting their sales targets. So, they plan their weeks and days based on the sales targets that they want to achieve. 

With their day-to-day closely connected to their sales numbers, having a dependable and accessible sales quota tracking system becomes imperative.

For today’s sales functions in the banking and financial sector, Legacy systems just don’t cut it.

Users are bogged down by too many touchpoints and high turn-around-time – Sales reps need to share their sales numbers, managers need to consolidate these numbers from their reportees via different communication channels. This information then needs to be fed into a centralized system. 

And the final output is a recurring MIS report that is circulated within the team. Often this report comes too late to the sales rep or manager who is looking to remedy their strategy or based on it.

We at Vymo saw this as a fundamental roadblock for sales teams that hasn’t been addressed effectively by other technology partners. Our team set out to build a product that solves this problem while enhancing our overall solution as a Sales Engagement Platform.

We came up with Vymo Goals, a sales quota tracking and management feature under Vymo’s Sales Performance feature suite.

Goals provides near real-time visibility to managers and sales reps on their performance data. It tracks more than just sales figures, with Goals reps can track how they’ve performed their sales activities. By helping them take control of their activities we set them on the right track towards expected outcomes.

Vymo Goals Infographic

By combining Goals with your sales playbook you can help your reps take corrective measures within hours without having to wait for an MIS report.

In addition to this, Goals makes sales reporting even more comprehensive. Sales functions can schedule reports at any frequency and at any granularity.

What makes Sales Quota Tracking with Vymo even better?

We have refined our understanding of how sales teams in the BFSI segment work, we’ve collaborated with many enterprise clients and deployed our solution for multiple use-cases. This experience has allowed us to craft end-to-end solutions that work well for sales reps, managers and sales leaders. 

Vymo’s powerful Nudge Engine pushes your sales team in the right direction. It informs each user about areas that need their attention and suggests quick actions that they can take to improve their sales numbers. 

Vymo can also tie your sales quotas to Progress Points, a feature that gamifies the sales process, so that you can drive healthy competition among your Sales Reps without disclosing exact sales numbers between team mates.

n our ‘Why Vymo’ Series our Product Managers share valuable insights on how Vymo increases sales productivity and improves business outcomes. 

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