We are all being fooled at work.

We are all being fooled at work.


Niveditha Viswanathan

Head of Product & Marketing, Vymo

Well, it is April 1st and some of us are the receiving end of tricks; but that is not what we are talking about here. We are talking about how all of us are getting tricked in a much more consistent manner, each day at work. Today, it is the world where customer is the King. We worship the need for great customer experience, adoption and engagement rates and try our best to ensure satisfaction. Now, step back a minute and think about this – do you obsess about the same kind of service to yourself? Internally, within your organisation?

There are protocols and workflows and SLAs and metrics dashboards. But what are you doing to ensure that your own internal company experience needs to match that of the customer’s? And that, is when your organisation is inching towards its Zen state. In this process, guaranteeing great customer happiness becomes natural and organic; and much easier to achieve with each employee exuding their practices naturally.

Here are 3 things that can help assure the above –

1. Whatever is the product/ service you offer, should be lapped up internally. The closer you can get to making your workflows centered around your own product/ service, the more chance of winning. This is when employees identify with customers, create ways to improve their lives and in the process become internal champion customers.

2. Distance yourself from your organization. Not fully and definitely not in a check-out mode. But stepping back from your Monday-Friday routine every once in awhile brings aha moments. A task that is redundant, a customer who can be handled differently, a new way to position your product – all of these happen in between the lines
3. Every other team is your internal customer. Treat every other functional team as your customer. When done efficiently, this will strike out those 6 hour meetings where end results are still unclear.

Customer is not necessarily the (first) king. Employees are the first consumers of your product and should believe that they are paramount. So shall we raise a toast to not fooling ourselves that someone outside needs to be our source of truth? Doing this right, by extension, the end customer begins to get a great experience.

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