Drive More Value
Out of Your CRM

A guide to realizing your CRM’s true value along the maturity scale

Carrying out your daily activities on a #mobilefirst platform that drives your business productivity, delivers real-time analytics, and enables actionable insights from AI-powered decision making is just the baselinefor 21st century global enterprises, and startups for that matter.

42% of CIO’s say using the right tools is imperative to attract and retain talent. Sales organizations have invested heavily into CRM.

The journey towards a fully automated sales force has seen its bumps, stops and fits. At Vymo, we have compiled what we have learned over seven years from the 100,000+ sales leaders that use our app everyday and the 100+ enterprises that have deployed the Vymo Sales Empowerment Mobile App. This playbook is to help you navigate your CRM journey towards a fully mobile future.