Emerging Trends for Consumer Lending
in a Post-Covid World

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Lending is among the fastest growing industry segments in APAC, driven by factors like

  • Changing demographics
  • Increased financial inclusion
  • Rising digital-native population

In consumer lending, mobile-first solutions have led to faster, cost-effective operations, improved employee/customer experience, and incorporation of regulatory frameworks.

Managers have a very important role to play in this initiative – how can they help steer their field sales teams toward success in tightly contested markets? How can they proactively identify which customer interaction needs their intervention?

In this webinar, we discuss in detail about how Vymo Coach is helping provide managers at all levels with unmatched visibility and control over their team, to drive immediate productivity increase.


Varun Ravichandran

Head of Industry Solutions, Vymo

Roshan Cariappa

Director of Marketing, Vymo

In this insights series, we will discuss

  • How to segment and assign leads to your best sales agents based on proactive performance and activity metrics
  • Create a ‘best-practice playbook’ for your sales team and optimize outcomes.
  • Visibility into the teams’ targets and goals in real-time.
  • Visualize the teams’ overall performance on various axes.
  • How you can consumer lending business benefit from unified data

5M+ leads from across the globe are handled through Vymo’s Lending Solution. Watch this webinar for insights on: