Have you unlocked the potential of Geo Tracking for Sales Teams?

What if you have the capability to do much more with geo intelligence? And align your field sales activities to maximize your sales pipeline and opportunities?

You are trying to keep your business relevant in today’s highly competitive digital landscape. But at times when there is a sudden decline in your sales numbers, you immediately start looking for answers.

Are your field sales teams making new connections?

How much time are they spending on acquiring a new lead?

Is your sales agent engaging with clients in his area?

With the power of geospatial analytics, you can decode the hidden spatial element contained in every data point to improve productivity and increase sales opportunities. You don’t need to rely on manually updating field sales activities. You don’t bother about route optimization for effective work allocation. And you are also aware of the nearby opportunities with suggested actions by geo-Intelligence features.

power of geospatial analytics

Empower your Sales Teams to Do More

Plan Your Day Before It Starts

Vymo generates the daily route plan for your Sales reps to optimize time spent traveling & maximizing sales outcomes. The route plan generated is based on the lead engagement planned for the day and also takes into consideration the time taken to complete each engagement. This helps the Sales reps to follow sales plans with hassle-free scheduling.

Plan Your Day Before It Starts
Automatically record your sales activities

Automatically record your sales activities

Your salespeople should spend all of their productive time interacting with customers and prospects, and not report activities manually into CRM systems at the end of the day or week. Vymo detects activities automatically and captures rich, contextual data at the moment and sales managers gain complete visibility into their team’s activities.

Don’t Miss Out On Engaging Nearby Prospects

Sales reps can leverage the huge benefits of geofencing by getting valuable suggestions on nearby leads. Field Salesforce struggles with the loss of productivity due to delayed appointments and missed out follow-ups. Nearby feature helps in suggesting meetings and engagements which can enhance sales outcomes at the given moment and location

Don’t Miss Out On Engaging Nearby Prospects

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