Optimizing Onboarding

for India’s largest Food Ordering and Delivery Platform

Founded in August 2014, India’s largest food ordering and delivery platform today has more than 5,000,000 mobile application installations and has become a household name in the country. Tying up with more than 25,000 restaurant owners, the platform has its own fleet of local delivery boys with operations across 13 cities in India.

As the business expanded, they had a large number of leads coming onto their ‘Partner with Us’ portal every month. Only a small fraction of these leads was reached out to by the sales teams and the amount of potential business lost just continued to increase.



Decreased SM productivity

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High merchant onboarding time

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Prioritization and allocation of leads


The delivery platform realized that there was a need for a lead management system along with automation of the merchant onboarding process.

Lead Management

Vymo helped assign engagement activities based on the priority of the lead.

workload and performance

Define rules like workload and performance to allocate leads automatically.

Get lead allocation summary and reports
when required.

AI-based recommendations

AI-based recommendations and auto-detection
of biases.

Merchant Onboarding

The merchant onboarding process was converted to a self-serve model where merchant partners can easily sign up and get KYC approval within a much shorter time frame.

Automated workflows integrated with core systems. Configure intelligent onboarding workflows with Vymo to ensure a seamless merchant on-boarding experience.

Automated workflows
Automated KYC

Automated KYC (Know Your Customer) process. Scan KYC documents from the Vymo app and auto-populate important details to fast-track the onboarding process.

Auto-detection and reporting of activities. With Vymo, log calls and meetings automatically and never worry about updating your sales CRMs.

Impact with Vymo

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Increased acquisitions per SM

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Increased meetings per day per SM

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Reduced time for onboarding

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