You trust your gut.

We help you build credibility on top of that.

Bringing the future of sales today in investment wholesaling

Investment Fund Wholesalers are now required to comprehend vast quantities of internal and external data so they can get a complete 360-degree view of the customer. Every decision today needs to be backed by intelligent and contextual data, and a basic CRM simply won’t cut it.

Investment bankers swear by their gut, and Vymo’s powerful data analytics can lend a lot of credibility to your gut feeling. With this, you can be the banker of the future by generating new insights, and drive outperformance.

In a shifting sales landscape, we’re helping banks move from a static sales framework to a more automated and client-centric work environment, by helping sales teams and bankers do more.

With Vymo, you can


Manage existing client
relationships better


Unlock previously unseen
client opportunities


Cross-sell/upsell to grow

Forecast your activities for the day to set your bankers up for daily success

  • Sync calendars and worklist data over weeks, days and hours.
  • Predict resources based on coverage, cost, and conversion probability to minimize customer wait times.
  • Access to customer 360 at all times, and get guided support via contextual nudges.
  • Sync relevant data with offline access so bankers can be more productive on the move.

Meet legal obligations and stay on top of deliverables

  • Geo-intelligence to log meeting automatically and capture outcomes
  • Potential ideas can be added to each of these accounts and the relevant RBs can be notified
  • All legal documents in one place
  • Bankers can create tasks for their respective teams and assign them to their relevant team members

Intelligent dashboards that make everyone the best performer

  • Fully customizable dashboards for top management to identify skill gaps and coach effectively.
  • Integration with core systems so reports are generated exactly how you need them to be. Vymo also captures and accelerate requests from the capital underwriting teams to create robust workflows.
  • Complete deal pipeline visibility to unlock new opportunities and never miss a closure.

Recognized for driving sales productivity
in Financial Services