Vymo introduces intelligent lead allocation

Distribution of work to your representatives can be complicated and time consuming. Often methods like round robin prove to be inaccurate and ineffective. To make the most of lead allocation, Vymo adds a layer of intelligence to the system. It takes into account things like workload, performance, location and so one before allocating the work.

Manual Allocation - For more control

The manual allocation keeps you in control of the system and lets you decide on the basis of all the decision-making inputs generated by Vymo’s intelligence. You have 360 degree view of what your agent is upto before assigning the lead.

  • Import leads from external systems into Vymo using APIs.
  • Leads processed into Vymo with business rule validation.
  • Allocate leads to agents with just 3 clicks.
  • Designed for high throughput
dynamic allocation image

Automated Allocation - For saving time

Automated allocation is designed for you to sit back and relax while Vymo does the job of lead allocation for you. The lead gets allocated as you would like it just that you don’t have to allocate it yourself. Vymo takes into account a number of rules which you have defined as per your understanding and allocates the lead.

  • Define rules like workload, performance, need to allocate leads automatically.
  • Get notifications allocation summary when required.
  • AI based recommendations and auto-detection of biases.

Tap to Book - For empowering customers

API Based Allocation of leads is something which gives the power to customers to choose when the want to schedule a meeting with your agents and at which address. It brings flexibility to the business by portraying your business flexible and customer focused.

  • Empower your customers to choose slots for meetings as per agent availability.
  • Automatically allot agents on the day of the meeting.
  • Easy API integration to give a great experience end-to-end.
  • Benefits of API Based Allocation
    • Effective API-based pricing
    • Reduced call center costs
    • Customer convenience
    • Fewer cancellations

The applications of the ‘Tap to Book’ features are across industries. You can use this for hotel bookings in the travel industry or document collection in the BFSI sector.

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