Features that make you the Master of Sales productivity

Know what your Sales teams are doing

Deliver incredible value with visibility to field sales activities in real-time.

Be more agile & flexible in your field sales strategy with Live Sales Metrics integrated with your CRM.

Work Allocation

Save hundreds of man hours of manual planning by using Vymo work allocation. Allocate work to agents basis location, performance & work backlog. Resulting in faster turnaround, shorter sales cycle and improved sales efficiency.

Allocations tailored for higher conversions

  • Allocate work based on location, performace and backlog.
  • Define auto-allocation rules.
  • Use manual allocation for everything or only for items that don’t have auto-allocation rules.

Performance Management

Measure sales activities and sales outcomes for every rep. Closing time, Lead reach out rate, number of meetings, Follow up and closure rates are just the start. Improve work allocation rules basis performance data for better sales results.

  • Track your best performing agents.
  • Track KPIs at a glance.
  • Prioritize Leads basis Lead score, engagement and closure rates.
  • Track progress vs Sales targets.

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