Turn Your Commercial Bankers into
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Commercial bankers spend more time uncovering client needs and matching their needs with suitable solutions. The tradeoff – they now have less time to meet new customers and update their pipeline reports – both of which are critical.

How can you give them more time to focus on being a trusted advisor to their customers?

Turn Your Commercial Bankers into Trusted Advisors

“At AXA Thailand GI, we are leveraging Vymo to help our sales teams have adequate and timely customer engagement, leading to deeper relationships and trust.”

Claude Seigne – CEO, AXA Insurance

100,000 sales reps across 50+ enterprises #DoMore with Vymo

Why We built Vymo

Commercial Bankers need to move beyond transactional relationships and actively pre-empt the customer’s needs. They must be empowered to offer their customers,


Fiduciary Relationship

Do the bankers follow an automated needs based assessment to determine the best solution for the customer?

Integrated propositions

Is there an opportunity to offer the right products and services to the right customer at the right time?

Personalized Offerings

Are there services that could be particularly relevant for a high-growth technology startup?

Omni-channel engagement

What is the most optimal way to convert a service enquiry on a website to a sales opportunity?

Vymo collects rich contextual data of customer interactions (calls, visits, messages) automatically, learns from top performers in your organization, and then nudges next best actions contextually to help your Relationship Managers.

With Vymo you get


Account Coverage

Identify ideal customer types and increase coverage

Wallet Share

Increase up/cross sell conversions
through intelligent engagement

Sales Compliance

Track all customer interactions
and build playbooks

Recognized for driving sales productivity in
Leading Enterprises

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