Drive Higher Agency Sales Through Mobility And Intelligence


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The agency distribution channel needs a step-change in productivity and efficiency to remain relevant in the insurance distribution value chain.

Compared to benchmarks set across other distribution channels, the sales process within the agency channel remains out-dated, complex, inefficient and inconsistent.

How can you keep up with the fast-evolving customer expectations?

Drive Higher Agency Sales Through Mobility And Intelligence.

“At AXA Thailand GI, we are leveraging Vymo to help our sales teams have adequate and timely customer engagement, leading to deeper relationships and trust.”

Claude Seigne – CEO, AXA Insurance


100,000 sales reps across 50+ enterprises #DoMore with Vymo

Why we Built Vymo

Vymo is a mobile-first, intelligent Personal Sales Assistant that collects rich contextual data of customer interactions (calls, visits, messages) automatically, learns from top-performing agents in your organization and then nudges next best actions contextually to help your agents become trusted advisors of their clients.


Collect contextual activity data


Learn behaviors of top performers


Nudge next best actions contextually

Built to empower agency partners

Vymo provides a mobile platform for seamless recruitment of agents and step-by-step tracking of their progress of onboarding.
Ready-to-use analysis on the recruitment workflow and productivity of the agents provide organizations with insight on the right profile of agents to be engaged with.
Vymo recommends managers with specific activities for agents based on their performance or gaps thereof with respect to the business goals.

With Vymo you get


Increased customer Net Promoter Score


Increased agent productivity


Increased cross-sell / up-sell percentage

Recognized for driving sales productivity in
Financial Services

Want to boost productivity across your Agency?

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