Promote Broker Engagement and Coach Your

Wholesalers to be More Productive

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Brokers want guidance in providing holistic solutions, not just a product sale. Additionally, they require help in managing their practice and acquiring new clients.

How can you optimize broker outreach among your wholesalers and significantly improve customer experience and TAT efficiency?

Promote Broker Engagement and Coach Your Wholesalers to be More Productive

“At AXA Thailand GI, we are leveraging Vymo to help our sales teams have adequate and timely customer engagement, leading to deeper relationships and trust.”

Claude Seigne – CEO, AXA Insurance

100,000 sales reps across 50+ enterprises #DoMore with Vymo

Why We built Vymo


Establishing the right incentives

It is difficult to tie sales activities and engagement to revenue outcomes. Having a transparent system like Vymo in place outlines leading indicators of top sales professionals and supports the diagnosis of the ongoing activities to better improve performance.

Focus on time

With about 20-30% of traditional activities automated or completed digitally, wholesalers will now have more time to focus on complex, high-value tasks. They now have the bandwidth to go beyond servicing to delighting the customer.

Empowering your advisors with the right tools

An intelligent solution like Vymo has an integrated broker management system that covers all aspects of lead generation, sales process, insights for brokers and ongoing contracts. Your frontline will now see brokers as partners- not as sales targets to meet.

With Vymo you get

Increased broker

Increased broker
wallet share

Increased wholesaler productivity

Recognized for driving sales productivity in
Financial Services

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