Accelerate your Sales Pipeline by 3x
through real-time interventions by Managers

We ran a pilot program with some of our larger deployments to gauge the effectiveness of manager coaching interventions. As a result, we saw that managers who responded to nudges on a timely basis saw 4x improvement in the total teams’ daily activities with a 75% reduction in the TAT.

JUNE 05, 2020 | 11:00 AM IST | 01:30 PM SGT

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Managers may not always have the bandwidth for timely follow-ups. And due to the lack of Data Integrity, banks & financial institutions lack real-time visibility into daily activities carried out.

How can a Sales Manager predict potential risks, identify hurdles in daily sales conversations, or empower their teams with the relevant knowledge-kit for them to become successful and self-sufficient?

Invest in the right solution so Managers can focus on
‘in-the-moment’ customer engagement optimization.

With the all-digital approach, it takes a lot more than training and coaching to lead sales teams effectively. Managers have to keep pace with their customers’ needs. Passing up on identifying potential opportunities & risks and not intervening at the right time can lead to multiple failed deals.

That’s why we built a solution designed especially for managers

Vymo MEX

Vymo MeX empowers managers to intervene at the right time. Swing into action by enabling sales managers fast-track your pipeline and improving visibility into teams’ performance with reduced TAT on conversion.

MeX for Real-time Visibility

Access real-time data and gain visibility into your team’s adoption metrics, activities, and
performance, enabling managers to intervene when necessary.

Daily huddle

Single-page view of each member’s KPIs with teams’ goals & performance. Allocate activities at scale, dynamically, basis intelligent parameters to the most relevant salespeople.


Summary cards on lead and partner interactions with engagement history. View sales pipeline and forecast numbers basis activities against opportunities and probability of closure.

Coaching and Guidance

Event-based nudges to managers for timely intervention, identification of potential risks or opportunities. Prioritize accounts based on business need and assign engagement frequencies accordingly.

MEX for Goal Monitoring

Pre-set goals with scheduled call-outs and nudges on potential areas of risk, enabling managers to
take immediate action and track the team’s progress.

Performance Overview

Nudges to managers with clear call-outs on lagging goals. Performance trackers (daily, weekly, monthly): aggregated and individual. Identify gaps in skill and performance to suggest formal coaching interventions to improve outcomes.

Activity Check

Easy-to-scan, real-time overview of the team’s login status, color-coded goal risk measures for timely interventions

Management Summary

Aggregated overview on partner/lead metrics, adoption, etc. Dashboard to track planned vs. completed activities. Alerts on business trends (integrated with core systems). Intervene preemptively in case of anomalies.

Experience business impact in real-time


For almost all managers in the two organizations we piloted with, the number of completed activities by their teams saw a 163% rise post MeX implementation.


Boost in premium collected by managers ranged from 277% in one client to 475% in the other (insurance/mutual funds)


MeX-empowered managers delivered more policies than before with an increase of 250% YOY for one organization and 320% for the other (insurance/mutual funds)


Teams experiences a 75% reduction in TAT, and an increase of 13 more branches covered (bancassurance)

A controlled and easily measured sales workflow doesn’t just make closing deals easier – with Vymo, truly rely on the revenue you generate for current stability and future growth.

Vymo MeX empowers managers to intervene at the right time. Swing into action by enabling sales managers fast-track your pipeline and improving visibility into teams’ performance with reduced TAT on conversions!

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