Playbooks for Insurance Advisor Onboarding and Success.

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Empower your frontline advisors to hit the ground running from day 1

To succeed in today’s competitive insurance marketplace, insurers need to find a way to onboard advisors quickly and ensure their retention and success.

In this session, learn how you can streamline the advisor onboarding process to:

  • Maximize earnings per advisor
  • Improve qualitative interventions
  • Reduce advisor attrition

Yamini Bhat

CEO & Co-Founder, Vymo

Paul Walker

Director of Sales, Vymo

In this insights series, we will talk about

  • The untapped potential of “Income Planning” exercise
  • Minimizing advisor touchpoints to create a seamless onboarding process
  • 30-90-180 day journey: It’s not just about certification
  • How can technology help? (Document Repository, Cloud Support, Self Serve)
  • Top 10 pre-emptive interventions that can ensure Advisor success and retention
  • Onboarding playbooks from Uber

Learn how your advisors could become the best in the insurance business.