Productivity Boosters for Sales to Master Sales

Keep your Sales Force focused, remove unnecessary tasks

Field Sales representative work in highly uncertain conditions. Vymo keeps them on top of the game by keeping them productive, be it lack of network connectivity or low battery levels.

Vymo also plugs loopholes in sales cycle which stem from any unnecessary administrative task, helping your sales team focus on sales activities.

Work Offline

Offline support helps sales reps continue functioning even when there is no connectivity. Vymo will intelligently syncs the data stored locally in Vymo app once connectivity is restored.

Battery Friendly

Vymo optimizes battery use by minimizing reliance on GPS for location tracking, minimizing screen time and reducing data entry fields. This helps Sales reps avoid looking for recharging plugs while providing location tracking and geo intelligence features.

Click to Lead Capture

Lead capture is a valuable yet tedious part of the Sales Rep’s workday. With card scanning, Sales reps can record Lead details with a click capture tasks in  a more efficient way.

Detect Business Travel Expenses

With location tagging, Sales reps can check-in to customer locations and Vymo computes their travel expense. Sales managers can be assured that expenses are tagged to customer sales activities. Finance team can verify checked in locations to validate the expense claims.

Expense Submission

Sales reps can use check-in, location tagging data to generate and file expense claims to the corporate expense management system. Vymo automates the expense claim filing process by generating expense claims at a click. Even attach supporting receipts and submit.

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