Relationship Management System

Ensure effective sales activities, prioritize sales activities to truly matter.

Empower your Field Sales with Intelligent
Relationship Management Solutions

Vymo’s Relationship Management System allows you to manage your sales activities,

be it meetings, customer calls or any other sales activity.

An intelligent Relationship Management solution turns Sales Reps into Super Reps


Real-time Activity Allocation

Allocate activities to agents that are in proximity to the sales activity. Manage agent calendar by prioritizing activities, and automatically schedules recurring tasks.

Instant Task Suggestions

Leverage location data to deliver instant suggestions to agent basis customer demand, agent backlog and recent performance.

Mobile Engagement

Agents can work offline, operate with little/no connectivity, to always be more productive with the Vymo app.

Identify Best Closers

Spot agents who deliver the goods every single day, assign targets to all agents, classify performance and execute coaching plans to improve the performance of bottom quartile sellers.

Skill-based Work distribution

Use dynamic rules to allocate activities, have your best equipped reps interact with high potential customers.

The Super Features from Vymo which ensure high productivity of your Field Sales Force


Manage Sales activities and Sales Outcomes

Great sales leaders manage sales capacity, not the sales pipeline. Understand your real sales capacity by tracking activities completed successfully.

Data-Driven Insights

Understand activity completion rates, reschedule rates, spot reps/customers that have high reschedule rates and take corrective action.

Automatic Updation

Reps focus on completing activities, Vymo detects calls & meetings to minimize manual data entry. Go from manual to “automagic” reporting.

Performance management

Analyse your top reps, codify their performance, translate into coaching inputs for rest of the team, deliver higher conversion!

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