A deep-dive into Sales Reports

An effective sales CRM report offers optimized and automated data-driven sales insight by tracking each level of your sales activities. Sales reports let you stay on top of your sales game and improves sales metrics.

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Why should I be concerned about my Sales CRM Report?

Sales report enhances your marketing campaigns, improves the performance of your sales team and lets you develop meaningful associations with your customers. They give you a detailed outline of how well your sales team is doing to reach the set targets quickly

Vymo offers customizable and contextual reports and dashboards that intelligently track metrics and helps your business make effective data-driven sales decisions.

With Vymo, improve your sales productivity and make informed decisions with insightful reports.

A deep-dive into Sales Reports

Sales Pipeline Report

A sales pipeline report is an organized approach to sales performance. It keeps you updated about your sales process at every stage. It involves key metrics like

  • The volume of deals in your pipeline.
  • The average deal size in your pipeline.
  • The average percentage of closed deals.
  • Average time taken to close a deal.

In order to achieve your sales targets, you need to have the right information at the right time. CRM produced pipeline reports are precise. It lets you spot the issues in your sales pipeline and gives you clear and visual overview of your team’s performance.

Sales Forecasting Report

With Sales forecasting report you can anticipate your future sales. It helps your organization to make significant business decisions and project the short-term as well as long-term sales performance.

Sales Rep Report

A sales rep report let managers monitor and track the number of deals closed and revenue generated by individual rep. It figures out the individual performance of your sales reps and what can be done to boost their performance.

Sales Activity Report

It’s difficult to track and monitor the sales performance of every rep individually. To ease this task for every sales manager, Vymo offers sales activity report with categories that serve as essential metrics to assess the performance trend of each sales rep

Field Sales Report

Distribution of work to your field sales rep can be complicated and time-consuming, and the results availed could be inaccurate and not up to the mark. With Vymo’s intelligent lead allocation feature you can view trends and build intelligence into the way your field sales teams are functioning.

Report Dashboard

Report dashboard is a software application that is used to track and monitor the health of an organization or department by reporting on analytics, business metrics, and KPIs. Choosing the right dashboard for your business depends on the overall goals of your analytics, data monitoring practices, and business intelligence.

Enhance your Sales Pipeline with Vymo

crm integration

CRM Integration

Vymo integrates with your existing CRM and makes it even more powerful. Import data from your existing CRM systems through API integrations. With Vymo’s intelligent mobile integration, automate status updates throughout the sales cycle.
geo intelligence


Leverage the power of mobility and automate updating of field sales activities. With intelligent route-planning and location-aware lead allocation, sales reps can follow sales plans with hassle-free scheduling.
productivity boosters

Productivity Boosters

Field Sales representative work in highly uncertain conditions. Vymo keeps them on top of the game by keeping them productive, be it lack of network connectivity or low battery levels.
live sales metrix

Live Sales Metrics

Deliver incredible value with visibility to field sales activities in real-time. Be more agile & flexible in your field sales strategy with Live Sales Metrics integrated with your CRM.

Why should enterprises consider Vymo?


Offers effective, customizable and visual sales CRM reports


Offers effective intelligent lead management system for field sales teams.


Lets you effectively track your sales process at every stage of the sales funnel.


Creates reports and dashboards that generate actionable insights.


Provides a better understanding of the performance metrics.


Helps in making effective data-driven sales decisions that give a boost to your sales performance and generates revenue for your business.

Advantages of Vymo

Vymo integrates with emails and SMS reports that lets you track how many emails/SMS were viewed, clicked or responded to by every sales rep. Native dialer integration senses customer’s calls and generates call reports by the number of outgoing calls made by every sales rep. Geo-fencing intelligence detects meetings and keeps you updated about the number of meetings your sales rep has attended to.

Work allocation system enables, real-time agent route optimization, flawless activity assignment, suggests sales agents based on location and operational performance metrics. It also enables rule-based automatic allocation as well as static and dynamic lead allocation. Vymo’s report dashboards are crafted to elevate data and help you stay in control of your business by giving you visibility into most significant data, KPIs and metrics.

vymo advantage


Reports and data show you how individual sales reps and the sales team as a whole are performing. Sales CRM Reports enfolds the entire spectrum of sales from macro trends to performance.

Using them sensibly will fine-tune and refine your sales processes to perfection taking your business to the next level. It will let you understand the weaknesses of individual sales reps and what can be done to boost their productivity.

Vymo’s sales CRM report lets your sales rep to take control of their prospects, keeps them steady through each stage of the sales funnel and keeps them attentive on significant issues.

Get effective, visual, intuitive precise and quick
sales CRM reports with Vymo.