How could you do more with your Sales Pipeline?

An effective sales pipeline can help you manage your sales processes, project outcomes with confidence, and generate revenue for your business.

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Why should I be concerned about my Sales Pipeline?

Sales Pipeline Management estimates how much revenue you will generate from existing sales opportunities. In sales, your biggest challenge is you are not sure of accomplishing your targets. Sales can be unpredictable. Vymo’s effective lead management system, lets you manage your lead pipeline from lead generation to post sales service.

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Journey through the Sales Pipeline

The stages of your sales pipeline should match with your prospects purchasing journey. Your sales pipeline could be in various stages. But broadly it must be falling under one of the following categories:

Enhance your Sales Pipeline with Vymo

crm integration

CRM Integration

Vymo integrates with your existing CRM and makes it even more powerful. Import data from your existing CRM systems through API integrations. With Vymo’s intelligent mobile integration, automate status updates throughout the sales cycle.
geo intelligence


Leverage the power of mobility and automate updating of field sales activities. With intelligent route-planning and location-aware lead allocation, sales reps can follow sales plans with hassle-free scheduling.
productivity boosters

Productivity Boosters

Field Sales representative work in highly uncertain conditions. Vymo keeps them on top of the game by keeping them productive, be it lack of network connectivity or low battery levels.
live sales metrix

Live Sales Metrics

Deliver incredible value with visibility to field sales activities in real-time. Be more agile & flexible in your field sales strategy with Live Sales Metrics integrated with your CRM.

With the Vymo advantage


Effectively manage your sales pipeline.


Convert leads into customers with confidence.


Organize leads from inception stage to cracking the deal.


Recognize and manage a healthy pipeline.


Keep your team focused on each sales pipeline stages.


Draw a sketch of where your organization’s sales is heading.


Lastly, though your pipeline may seem healthy and loaded with contacts at different stages of conversion, it’s necessary that you regularly empty your pipeline to accommodate hot leads. Ensure that you don’t spend time on dead leads and miss out on leads that can close.

It’s better to let go off old leads that don’t convert and focus on the ones that do.

Enhance visibility and control into your sales processes