Service Management System

Ensure effective customer service management with Vymo Service Management

Deliver Customer Delight every single time with an
impeccable Service Management Solution

Vymo allows you to manage your service workflow from the point
of service ticket allocation through routing & detecting task completion.

Get highly productive Service & Support Management solution which turns customers into followers


Automatic ticket allocation

Make dynamic rule-based allocation of leads, so that the best equipped reps interact with potential customers.

Surface Cross/up-sell intelligence

Surface Cross/up-sell intelligence from backend systems into the Vymo app; equipping the service technician to level-up customer service.

Timely Engagement

Use agent proximity to route service tickets to the closest agent & improve turnaround time on customer service tickets.

Customer 360 view

Integrate data from multiple systems to show field agents 360 degree customer views.

Know your top performers

Spot your higher performer, understand their work patterns, turn it into coaching input for the other customer service staff.

Vymo keeps you on the top of Service & Support Management game


Intelligent suggestions

Vymo analyses & suggests the next best action for optimized service delivery.

Identify Performance Gaps

Analyse field force performance, know the areas of improvement and identify areas where you can improve instantly.

Automate service ticket creation

Integrate with organizational & department proactive customer service management guidelines and proactively create service tickets and assign to your customer service teams.

Customer data at fingertips

Equip every customer service rep with a comprehensive customer profile that is instantly accessible in the Vymo app.

Unmatched TAT with mobility

Move quickly, close tickets faster by prioritizing the funnel using location-routing & intelligent activity detection.

Integrate Support & Sales

Enable Sales teams to file Service tickets and Service team to spot Sales opportunities and integrate Sales and Service seamlessly.

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