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Helping Treebo Hotels Deal with Rapid Growth

About Treebo

Treebo is India’s third largest hotel chain. Operating in a $20 billion market that is extremely fragmented and suffers from poor service standards, Treebo strives to standardize the hotel booking and stay experience.

Treebo’s growth has been rapid and expects its gross booking value to rise five fold in the next two years. To fuel this growth Treebo has raised a total of $57M of venture capital, with the latest round of $34M in August 2017, and has grown to over 700 people.

Growth challenges for Treebo



Treebo’s fast-growing field sales teams are responsible for partnering with multiple stakeholders such as hotels, corporates, travel agents and more. The teams were not adequately positioned to cap- ture and display field data.



While teams were growing rapidly to service newer geographies and verticals, processes and automation had to catch up to measure and optimize outcomes for reps. Also, there was a need to reduce qualitative interventions by managers and leaders.



Treebo’s stakeholders are diverse and their engagement profiles vary based on a number of parameters, such as relationship and value. For effective outcomes, it was necessary to anticipate needs and implement customized outreach at scale.


Sales data was on multiple excel sheets & multiple apps that was not integrated into a single system of record.

  • Identify and automate processes that comprise the entire sales lifecycle.
  • Automated logs for minimal intervention from sales reps and managers.
  • Intuitive dashboards to visualize data on basis of priority and individual needs

Activities to onboard customers and then drive best out- comes required two different modes of engagement.

  • Separate activities based on outcomes and map them to process automation.
  • Lead Management System for ‘hunting’ and Activity Management System for ‘farming’.
  • Unique interfaces and workflows for both set of activities tied to outcomes.

Despite operating within a small buying window, the Turn- around time (TAT) to onboard customers was high.

  • Intelligent lead allocation based on sales rep profile and priorities.
  • Seamless onboarding of customers and partner engagement setup.
  • In-app coaching in the form of ‘next best actions’ based on time and context.

Key Stats

Faster turnaround time
Increase in the number of leads handled by a rep per day
% +
Rep adoption rate


In just a couple of months of deploying Vymo, Treebo achieved has seen significant value.

A 1-2 month sales cycle was brought down to a less than 3 weeks.

Timely followups and meeting scheduling have shortened the sales cycle. This also enabled sales teams to go through a higher number of leads in a month. More leads and shorter turnaround time led to an increased growth rate for Treebo.

Number of leads handled by a rep per day went up by 68%

If a salesperson has free time, Vymo proactively suggests meetings in the nearby location. With reps now being able to schedule more meetings in a day, they got more productive and took on more leads.

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