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Gordon Ritter on the next frontier of Software

He calls out the ability of a software to allow sharing of best practices across networks as path-breaking and empowering for the new enterprise.

Gordon Ritter, Founder and General Partner, Emergence Capital, outlined software trends and how organizations can derive value from next frontier software like Vymo. A software veteran and visionary, he led Emergence through its first investment, a nascent company then and a behemoth today——catapulting Emergence as experts in the funding space. 

Talking about the future of software, Gordon says, “It used to be all about workflow software that improves productivity. But now it is about large amounts of data and how that is bringing a whole new level of software to the fore. This is forcing IT shops to understand how data and sharing of relevant data across is the new paradigm. And it is no longer about workflow software, but about sharing best practices across networks.”

Gordon also spoke about how Industry Cloud is increasingly relevant and will add value to businesses. “Every industry has different regulations to the way they run their business and we’ve seen Industry-aligned cloud software adding more value than a horizontal solution. The cloud allows you to gain domain expertise by building solutions that are tailored to a vertical after understanding their needs.”, he said. 

80% of the workforce today is deskless. Gordon underlined the importance of building mobile-first software to align to their needs – “The ability to navigate locations, capture meeting notes quickly, access work-related information through the mobile interface – there is better software being built for mobile than for a desktop today.”

Coaching Networks are an exciting disruption in the field of software. With this, the entire workforce is automatically getting upskilled by the sharing of winning behaviors of the best workers to the rest via a nudge or an intervention. “This is dynamic, perpetually growing software and it is very exciting for corporations of all sizes”, said Gordon. 

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