Improving Lead Funnel Efficiency for Varthana Finance

About Varthana

Varthana ( aims to meet the needs of affordable private school owners by providing loan capital so they can expand their infrastructure, invest in teacher-training, and introduce new learning methods into their classrooms.

Varthana customizes and delivers these products and services with the help of a band of relationship managers who visit the school and spend time with the leadership to ensure a smooth and convenient process.

Process at Varthana

The sales cycles are long, B2B in nature, and involve multiple stakeholders from both, the client’s (School’s) and solution provider’s (Varthana’s) points. There are pre disbursement activities (Ex: KYC – Know Your Customer) and post disbursement activities (Ex: verifying end use of loan) in sales closure. Finally, there are collection activities and identifying opportunities for cross/up sell of products.

Challenges for Varthana

Tracking and improving productivity of Relationship Managers (RMs)

There was limited visibility on Relationship Managers (RMs) activities on the ground what leads were being touchbased and how frequently. Because of this, there was no mechanism to correlate efforts to outcomes, so Management could proactively optimise the sales process.

Managing lead pipeline and improving conversion efficiency of RMs

Leads were assigned on a need basis. Further, there was no systematic process to track engagement, lead stages, and closure. As a result, there was also no method to track biases or see patterns in the lifetime of a lead, which led to suboptimal conversions and leakage.

Complex multi-tiered processes with multiple stages and handoffs

Loan disbursement involves numerous complicated compliance and regulatory processes that have to be carried out with handshake between multiple diverse stakeholders, such as Sales and Finance teams. It was difficult to coordinate throughout the process lifecycle.

Limited visibility on metrics that matter to the Management

Daily Sales Reports (DSRs) were communicated through Excel Sheets and Emails. The data itself wasn’t validated and open to discrepancies. Further, the lack of consolidated data limited the Management’s ability to analyse the business and resource efficiently.

Opportunities identified for operational efficiency

Automated activity capture using geo-fencing/locational intelligence and native integrations to phone dialler.


  • Automated call detection, including workflows for various scenarios:
    missed call, not reachable, call completed.
  • Automated meeting detection, and geo coverage analysis of
    Relationship Managers (RMs).
  • Easy setup of follow-up tasks based on call and meeting scenarios.

Processes were mapped and automated using Vymo’s fully configurable setup budgeting for multiple handoffs.


  • Pre and post disbursement activity workflows were configured on the mobile app.
  • Exception alerts and notifications for relevant stakeholders when lead stage changes, for instance a handoff between Finance and RM, and

Daily sales reports based on activity data and intuitive dashboards to visualise data based on business priority.


  • All relevant business data and analytics displayed on intuitive dashboards.
  • Multiple reports available on pipeline, quality, productivity, and lead velocity.
  • Ability to make management interventions through app/messages.

Key Features

Intuitive & intelligent

Customers dashboard to manage converted prospects

Leads dashboard to
manage prospects

Multiple workflows

Activities dashboard to configure activities against engagement

Automated call logs and
in-app dialing

Multiple contacts tagged to leads and accounts for different activities

Optimised route mapping based on geo-intelligence

Technology backbone

All sensitive client data is hosted securely on the AWS India cloud for providing sturdy performance and stability. This facilitates effective serving of reports and reduces the response time for large reports to less than 2 seconds. iSAC integration helps Vymo automate user onboarding and maintenance tasks.


Increase in leads sourced per RM per day
Decrease in leads dropped
Increase in activities per RM per day


“The best feature of Vymo is that it backs up all the information we enter on a daily basis. Even when I lost my phone, I was able to access all the customer details from the database.”

- Gagan Gowda, Relationship Manager

“Earlier, we used to update daily trackers manually. But after Vymo, we can update all the school details from wherever we are. It also helps us keep a track of our day-to-day meetings and scheduled tasks. We can view all the correspondence in one place.”

– Lakshman S, Senior Sales Manager

“This is a real-time tool in their hands, it is easy to use, they can very quickly punch in some basic data which helps us aggregate the database and also reduces the workload for the RMs. I think Vymo will play a very critical role as we expand, as we go digital, as we keep reducing the TAT, we keep improving the service levels for our customers.”

- Brajesh Misra, Co-founder

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