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Organizations are continuing to spend millions of dollars on CRM implementation and yet around one-third of all CRM projects fail (CIO Magazine). When we ask executives if their CRM systems are helping their business grow, the failure rate is closer to 90%. Why is that?

Because, conventional CRMs, such as Salesforce, continue to function as passive databases that can primarily be used as inspection tools, rather than actively add value to frontline sales or service professionals. It is no wonder that CRM engagement is less than 30%.

“Reps won’t live in CRM anymore… that ship has sailed.”
– Gartner

Vymo is an AI-enabled Personal Sales Assistant that helps salespeople do more. It detects activities automatically and predicts next best actions.

contextual data

Automatically collect rich, contextual sales data

co-relate sales activity

Correlate sales activities to outcomes

coach sales people

Coach salespeople to achieve more

Why you should consider Vymo over Salesforce

Built for the modern salesperson

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Built for financial services

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Path to deployment success with Vymo

Drive Engagement over Salesforce

If you have already deployed Salesforce, then Vymo can act as a layer of intelligence over it to drive engagement proactively.

Time to deploy: < 4 weeks

Comprehensive Sales Transformation

If you are considering a CRM implementation, then Vymo can be configured to solve specific use cases across business lines.

Time to deploy: 4-8 weeks

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