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2020/03/26 12:30:00

The Future of Merchant Aggregation Business: Streamlining platform growth through data & intelligence

MARCH 26 2020 | 12:30PM IST

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In markets where battles are being waged between the top players, an hour of delay in onboarding could mean a lost merchant.

Ensuring rapid onboarding with as friction-less a sign-up process as possible, thus reducing time-to-value for merchants, is a critical competitive requirement for platform players.

Join our webinar as we discuss the importance of improving merchant life-cycle management for your business and the current industry benchmarks to measure yourself against.

Agenda for the webinar

  • Understand: What are the key digitization objectives of merchant-aggregation platform providers? What are the key metrics leaders are looking to optimize across segments?
  • Prioritize: What are the areas of improvement in the end-to-end merchant management lifecycle? Where would you prioritize your budget?
  • Design: What would an ideal sales solution for end-to-end merchant management look like? What would be a playbook for success at scale?




Varun Ravichandran

Head of Industry Solutions, Vymo

Varun drives Vymo’s vision of crafting and delivering gold-standard solutions for key industries. He also leads Vymo’s industry council, which brings together leaders and innovators in strategic industries to share insights and best-practices in sales transformation.