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2020/04/23 12:30:00

Strengthening the Lending Platform
with a customer-first approach

Optimizing credit sales for digital-first customers.

23rd April 2020 | 12:30PM IST

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Over the last decade, the average time taken by lenders to sanction a loan for SMEs and corporates ranged between three to five weeks. Going forward in this decade, these benchmarks will soon become outdated and unacceptable.

With this in mind, streamlining end-to-end credit journeys, supporting credit processes, and maintaining high-touch customer engagement points have become the top priorities for lending houses this decade.

Moreover, with the new, welcomed change by regulators that now allows for video-KYC, the opportunity now lies ahead for SMB lenders to reduce the total turnaround time by over 40%.

Join our webinar as we deep-dive how lenders can achieve shorter TATs by streamlining the credit business with agility and intelligence while putting the customer first.

Agenda for the webinar

  • How to target a particular SME market segment and develop general standards for assessing creditworthiness.
  • How to leverage customer engagement data to identify the right time to introduce more product offerings based on customer requirements.
  • How to overcome poor data quality and the lack of an integrated system to gain visibility and insights and optimize the sales process.
  • How to optimize the collections process by automating data capture and leveraging geo intelligence.



Varun Ravichandran

Head of Industry Solutions,

Varun drives Vymo’s vision of crafting and delivering gold-standard solutions for key industries. He also leads Vymo’s industry council, which brings together leaders and innovators in strategic industries to share insights and best-practices in sales transformation.