Empower Your Relationship Managers to Continue
Engaging Customers Remotely

Drive productivity for your sales teams in a remote work environment


How can you support your remote teams to drive critical customer engagement? Know More

How can you support your remote teams to drive critical customer engagement? Know More

Some of the largest banks and insurance companies in the world have had their business continuity disrupted due to their Relationship Managers having to work from home.

As a business leader, how will you ensure that critical customer engagements are not impacted, without compromising on the safety of your employees? How can you empower your team with the necessary infrastructure and support in such a situation?



Virtual Teams

With teams working from home, planning, prioritizing and communicating needs to become more efficient than before.


Limited Face Time

With minimal or no in-person meetings, timely contextual engagement and relationship building requires a new approach.


Visibility and Control

Visibility into team activity, identifying what is working & propagating it instantly to the entire organization is crucial.

Why We Built Vymo : Enabling Distributed Teams

Vymo was designed to serve deskless, remote enterprise sales reps. Thus, Vymo’s
core capabilities are ideal to drive engagement in a WFH scenario.

Our solution can help your relationship managers continue to engage customers
from their remote work stations.

Remote Engagement

Healthy Customer Engagement

Relationship Managers can continue engaging their customers through smart cloud telephony.

Attendance Logging

Your Relationship Managers can check in and check out anytime, anywhere.

Attendance Logging
Activity Allocation

Activity Allocation

Upload activities directly onto their calendars so they know exactly what to focus on.

Activity Detection and Logging

Auto detect calls with customers and auto log activities with contextual notes.

Huddle Management

Huddle Management

Make team huddles more productive via voice or video and assign follow ups to your team.

Broadcast Messaging

Send messages via alerts and notifications to manage interventions at scale.

Broadcast Messaging
Customer NPS

Customer Surveys

Capture customer feedback to surface sales and service opportunities for your teams to follow through.

WFH Command Center

Single, unified manager dashboard for visibility into key metrics such as customer engagement & coverage, CSAT, and agent adoption, in real-time

Vymo’s WFH solution will enable Relationship Managers to continue engaging customers in a
seamless way while ensuring business continuity.

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