CRM is now mainstream

It is the fastest growing software market in the world (Gartner). Organizations are spending millions of dollars and many man-months in deployments each year.

Post Mortem

Unlike marketing teams that are usually centralized and service teams who respond to inbound queries, sales teams are distributed and do not have a clearly defined top of the funnel.

This is particularly exacerbated for field teams in industries like Banking, Wealth Advisory, Insurance, Brokerage, Healthcare, and Packaged Goods.

Sales reps are expected to feed all activity data onto complicated systems of records for what is, essentially, an inspection tool for Managers.


A Personal
Sales Assistant

Do you like how this sounds? You should see what it does.


Log all sales activities automatically

(calls through dialer integrations, meetings through geo-intelligence, emails through client-integrations)


Learn from the best sales reps progressively

(what leads should be prioritized, when you should engage a customer, what to do next, etc.)


Coach contextually to improve outcomes

(nudges to optimize productivity and grow revenues across various types of businesses)

Better CRM, CRM Better

Don’t have a CRM? Vymo can be your intelligent, mobile-first CRM and help you close more sales.

Have a CRM already? Vymo can integrate as a layer of mobility and intelligence and help you close more sales.

Berkshire Hathaway, AIA, Generali, AXA, FE Credit, and 65+ global enterprises have deployed Vymo to help over 300,000 sales reps #DoMore.

Guess what? Daily Adoption rate of Vymo is >75%

Love and Respect

“We selected Vymo because of its unique application of automation and AI technology that allows for seamless data collection and better recommendations,”

Kalidas Ghose – Vice Chairman & CEO of FE CREDIT

“Vymo should be of interest to application leaders supporting CRM Technologies and sales organizations that need to make a step change in sales productivity.”

Gartner (Cool Vendor)

Our Story

Vymo was founded by Yamini, who led sales transformation for large enterprises at McKinsey, and Venkat, who built intelligent mobile applications at Google.

Since its founding in 2013, Vymo is one of the fastest-growing enterprise SaaS companies in the world and has offices in the US, Japan, Singapore, India, Indonesia, Vietnam, and Thailand.

Vymo is funded by Bertelsmann India Investments, Emergence Capital, and Sequoia Capital.

“Vymo is building the next generation of intelligent sales automation tools driving huge and direct impact on its clients’ toplines across the globe. The engagement on the product is something we have never seen before in any product in any field. Yamini and Venkat’s market understanding and execution focus is exceptional and we are delighted to partner with them.”
-Rohit Sood, Partner at Bertelsmann India Investments.

“With its exceptionally high user adoption metrics and steadily expanding user base — 200,000 salespeople at over 60 global enterprises and counting — Vymo is delivering transformational value. It’s the kind of company we at Emergence love partnering with — one that stands to drastically improve the day-to-day work lives of millions of people”
– Jake Saper, Partner with Emergence Capital.

“Vymo is uniquely positioned to become the standard by which sales and distribution is run in these institutions. Kudos to Yamini, Venkat, and the fantastic team they have built on their success so far. We are sure there is much more to come.”
– Shailesh Lakhani, Managing Director, Sequoia Capital.

Together, let’s #DoMore.