Accelerating Customer Acquisition Through Mobility for Yes Bank

Business Context

Yes Bank is among India’s top five largest private banks, with over $30 billion in assets under management. Yes Bank’s mission is ‘to establish a high quality, customer centric, service driven, private Indian Bank catering to the ‘Future Businesses of India’. Digital transformation is a core enabler of the mission.


Yes Bank’s sales operations involves field sales personnel who visit prospects (Corporates, SMBs and Consumers), share relevant information about Yes Bank’s products and convert them into the bank’s customers. The process is tedious and involves interfacing with bank branches periodically to consolidate data and information.Some of the key challenges were

Inefficient Lead Allocation

Leads were allocated arbitrarily and hence not optimized for conversion.

Poor CRM Adoption

The existing CRM was not actively used by the salespeople on the ground.

Not optimised for Mobility

Field salespeople could not add leads or prospects and update activities on the go.

Limited pipeline visibility

Opportunities were not accurately reported on the CRM, hence it was difficult to plan.

Sales activities management

Activities were not captured, hence it was difficult to correlate efforts and outcomes.

The Vymo Advantage

Intelligent Lead Management

Rule based lead allocation of leads to the most appropriate salesperson.

Automated Activity Detection

Seamless data capture of all sales activities such as calls, meetings, and emails.

Next Best Actions

Nudge ‘best behaviours’ to salespeople optimized to help them close more

Unified Enterprise Mobility

Single, integrated source of opportunities and engagement accessible on web and mobile

Alerts and Notifications

Simple, push notifications based communication between managers and salespeople.

Success Metrics

In less than a year since deployment, the YES Bank team has experienced:

Increase in self-sourced liabilities leads
Increase in activities per rep per day
Increase in the activities planned to complete

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