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Vymo Publishes “Kaleidoscope", a book on Digital Workforce Transformation for Insurance Companies

Vymo Publishes ‘Kaleidoscope’, a book on Digital Workforce Transformation for Insurance Companies

Vymo, the sales engagement platform of choice for financial service institutions, has released, ‘Kaleidoscope,’ a book that captures key sales insights from insurance leaders across the US.

Featuring conversations between Vymo’s co-founder & CEO, Yamini Bhat, and top insurance industry leaders, the book outlines focus areas and strategies that address the digital skill gap within frontline sales teams and illustrates how to deliver unmatched customer experiences.


Vymo publishes a new book featuring insights for digital workforce transformation from top insurance sales leaders in the US.


The book captures the thoughts of seven top digital transformation leaders who share their digital strategies and crystallized learnings. Readers will be able to gain a deep understanding of how technology is shaping the sales workforce while discovering new strategies and tactics gleaned from customer data that traditional CRMs fail to offer.

“We’re humbled to gain perspectives from industry leaders whose foresight has helped not only their organizations but the industry as a whole in building a digital-ready workforce,” said Bhat. “This is a playbook for driving frontline sales transformation, backed with real lessons from 300K salespeople using Vymo today. I am grateful to each leader who took the time to share their unique perspective, thoughts, and ideas and I am excited to continue to make inroads into the North American market with a purpose-built, single-view sales engagement platform that enables insights-driven customer conversations and touchpoints.”

The PDF version of the book is free of charge and available for download on the Vymo website starting today. A commemorative, hard copy of the book will be launched soon. To get your copy, head to


About Vymo

Vymo is the Sales Engagement Platform of choice for 65+ global financial institutions, including Berkshire Hathaway, BNP Paribas, AXA, Generali, Sunlife, and AIA. Vymo helps improve sales outcomes through bottom-up insights and interventions. Vymo is recognized by Gartner® as a
Representative Vendor in the Sales Engagement Market Guide and is funded by Bertelsmann India Investments, Emergence Capital, and Sequoia Capital.

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