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3 Things Game of Thrones Can Teach Sales

Winter has come, yet again. With the new season of GoT out, everyone is waiting to get their hands on it. So while we are

Be the Jon Snow who travels beyond the wall.
An influential sales rep and manager is one who can go over and beyond set boundaries. While every lead comes with a specific intent, learning the overall pain point your customer is trying to address goes a long way. The problem is as important as the solution, if not more. Spend more time understanding the problem, before getting to the solution. This not only establishes a human connection, but also presents opportunities for cross-sell and upsell when appropriate. And like Snow, you can always keep your organisation abreast of the coming invasions; and be prepared to handle competition or create pathways for client success.

Beat people to the punchline like Tyrion Lannister.
One of the most conspicuous and central characters, Tyrion wins the world over with his wit and acknowledges the fact that he can’t win on physical strength. We can all take a leaf out of his book here; knowing our strengths and creating a path to successful conversion that reflects our innate abilities. As for the leaders and managers, it greatly helps to know the strengths of respective teams. In addition, it of course helps all sales folks to have a sense of humour and share their persona with clients; thereby establishing an overall stronger relationship.

Make in on your own like Daenerys Targaryen.
Like Dany, most sales reps have to face tough and unexpected situations; and learn the ropes on their own. There are tips and tricks one can follow to be a better sales rep, but in the end one has to own their job and go after it, as there is no formula. Like Dany, we all face situations that leave us to our own. But in real life, we have to come up with solutions on the spot or in a short span of time. But the key to a successful outcome is to evolve and create an army, just like Dany, but of sales tools that work for you.



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