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On-the-Go Excellence with Micro-Learning: Empowering BFSI Sales with Vymo AI Assist

Financial Institutions today have to spend many hours training the sellers and equip them to sell their new products. Selling insurance can be complicated, and

How to Boost Sales Productivity with Mobile-First Sales Engagement Solutions

In today's rapidly evolving business environment, where adaptability and quick responses are crucial, sales teams are actively pursuing innovative tools to boost efficiency and drive

Traditional CRM vs. Mobile CRM

The global market for banking CRM software is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 15.7% from 2021 to 2030, reaching

Mobile CRM : Sales Engagement Best Practices and Integrations

For any successful business, a customer lies at the centerpiece and hence the efficient management of customer relationships is crucial for driving business growth. As

Top 4 Customer Experience Trends Reshaping Financial Services in 2024

In a world where consumer expectations are at an all-time high, delivering personalized interactions has become a non-negotiable aspect for businesses. According to a McKinsey

The Future of AI in FinTech: Trends Shaping the Financial Technology Landscape

What if I told you that Artificial Intelligence is revolutionizing the financial sector at an unprecedented pace, and its influence is poised to grow even

Transforming Retail Lending in Financial Institutions Via Deeply Integrated Onboarding Journeys

Customer onboarding and loan disbursement within banks and financial institutions is a pretty complex process because of the number of stakeholders and teams involved and

Dissecting AI in Banking

If you’re considering an expansion of your digital services while still being mindful of cybersecurity and safety, this issue is for you!  We speak to

Leveraging AI for Smarter Sales Engagement

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been a significant game-changer across various sectors, and sales engagement is no exception. Whether in the BFSI sector or beyond, customer

9 Sales KPIs Every Sales Team Should Track in 2024

Struggling to meet your sales targets? You're not alone. In 2023, exceeding sales targets was the top priority for sales managers, according to a HubSpot

AI Forward Asia ft. Bambang Sueno

AI is reshaping Asia’s insurance landscape, transforming customer interactions, and optimizing business processes, leading to unprecedented growth opportunities. In our conversation with Bambang Sueno, President-Director of

Measuring ROI: Metrics and Analytics in Sales Engagement

Understanding the return on investment (ROI) of sales engagement efforts is crucial for driving growth and optimizing strategies. As banks and insurance firms seek to

Revolutionizing Sales Engagement: The Power of ML-Based Lead Allocation and Scoring

As the industry, geography and markets change, so does the sales team and each salesperson’s style of engagement within the sales team. Now each of

Data-Driven Lead Scoring: A Catalyst for BFSI Sales Teams

Banking, Financial Services, and Insurance (BFSI) sector sales teams often grapple with prioritizing leads to optimize their conversion rates. The traditional methods of lead scoring,

Maximizing Sales Success: Harnessing Data-Driven Sales Engagement Strategies

Gone are the days when sales relied solely on intuition and generic pitches. Today, sales teams leverage a wealth of insights to refine every aspect

Six Sales Engagement Tools That Help In Streamlining Sales Success

As the Financial Industry, geography and markets change, so does the sales team and an average salesperson’s experience. Having the right tools at their disposal

AI driven sales in Banking and Insurance: 4 Ways to empower sales teams

From personalized customer interaction to predictive analytics, AI is changing the game in unprecedented ways. According to a Report by Business Insider, the aggregate potential

What Do Younger Insurance Agents Seek in Their Careers?

The Bridge, a report released by Vymo in partnership with LIMRA, explores the best strategies for attracting and retaining this crucial generation of employees!

Sales Prospecting 101: 4 Critical Questions to ask while Building a Successful Prospecting Pipeline

For financial institutions to be in the limelight, banks and insurance firms need to keep their customers engaged as much as possible. Beyond this, setting

Banking: 2024 and Beyond

The banking industry has changed exponentially over the past couple of years. Samraggi Bhanja Khandelwal (Deputy Vice President - Liabilities Product, HDFC Bank) shares her views on these

How Vymo’s Recruitment Playbook Will Reshape Hiring in the Insurance Sector?

In Part 1 of ‘The Ultimate Recruitment Playbook’ we had discussed on how playbooks are expertly crafted roadmaps, providing recruiters with a predefined set of

The Changing Face of Insurance Sales – Ft. Stephen Douglas

Where is the insurance industry in its digitalization journey? Which trends will shape the next chapter of sales productivity? Keeping the big picture in mind

How To Build Your Ultimate Insurance Recruitment Playbook?

Recruitment Playbooks are expertly crafted roadmaps, providing recruiters with a predefined set of best practices, methodologies, and time-tested approaches. The overall global insurance industry is

Transforming Sales Dynamics: The Crucial Role of Automation in Insurance Field Operations

Field Sales Automation is not just a technological upgrade but a strategic imperative for insurance organizations in 2024. There are multiple benefits to  field sales

Insuring the Future: Trends Redefining Insurance in 2024

In our predictions for 2023, three significant trends have reshaped the insurance landscape.  First, technology has become a central lever across the insurance value chain,

Sales Engagement and Its Impact on Financial Companies

Introduction: ‘Sales Engagement’ is no longer a luxury but a necessity for a tech-forward insurance organization. But what exactly does it mean, and how can

Gen AI in 2024: five top trends insurers can’t ignore

Generative Artificial Intelligence ( gen AI) became mainstream in 2023. In 2024, we expect gen AI  to exponentially evolve and disrupt technology and trends in

How Insurance Agents Can Use Digital Tools to Gain an Edge

No longer confined to traditional methods, modern agents are embracing digital tools to gain a competitive edge and enhance their productivity.  A digital-forward strategy can

Banking Tech Trends To Watch In 2024

In January 2023, we predicted a slight slowdown in the global economy which will continue through 2024 where banks’ ability to generate income and manage

Mastering the Insurance Hustle: A Guide to Time Management for Meeting Quotas and Deadlines

In the fast-paced world of insurance, the juggling act of meeting quotas and deadlines is a daily reality. With targets looming and policies to be

Lead Management in a Mobile-First World: Exploring Vymo’s Solutions for On-the-Go Sales Teams

In today's fast-paced world, where everything is just a tap away, it is essential for businesses to adapt to a mobile-first approach. This is especially

5 Ways To Get Better At Financial Sales

Unlocking the key to sales excellence is a perpetual pursuit for professionals seeking to elevate their performance. In this blog, we explore actionable strategies and

An interview with Uthra Parameswaram

In 2023, it is evident that AI plays a crucial role in shaping the contemporary landscape of the financial services industry. We caught up with Uthra

Building Lasting Client Relationships: The Key to Agent Success

The significance of building strong, long-lasting relationships cannot be overstated, especially in the insurance industry where trust and reliability are a prerequisite. As Millennials and

Do Your Insurtech Tools Protect Your Data?

Insurance companies today are finding themselves at a crossroads as they embark on a journey of digitization to reinvent, transform, and differentiate themselves. Collaborating with

Five Lessons Sales Apps Can Learn from Consumer Apps

The number of customers who are banking through mobile applications is only increasing. According to an Asia Pacific Survey conducted in September 2023, 87% of

Data-Driven Sales Coaching: Leveraging Analytics to Drive Better Performance

In the world of sales, data is the new superhero, helping us understand what works and what doesn't. In this blog, we explore the impact

CRM vs. Sales Engagement Platforms: Finding Your Sales Team’s Perfect Match

If you have a sales team, you surely must have a CRM as well. And you belong to the 75% of the companies that have adopted one.
However, even after implementing the CRM in the best possible way, only 19% of businesses have reported a somewhat positive business impact

Help Your Agents Close More Deals With Effective Sales Productivity Features

In today's highly competitive business landscape, sales teams are constantly seeking ways to boost conversion rates and sales velocity. One effective approach is to leverage

Why Should Banks Adopt Cloud?

Cloud Computing has emerged as a game-changer for banks and financial services (FS) Institutions. Traditional banking systems often relied on on-premises infrastructure, which posed challenges

Future of Insurance Sales – Ft. Suresh Neelakantan

2023 is being dubbed as the year of AI transformation. How we generate, manage and propagate Data will redefine life as we know it. Our

How AI is Transforming Insurance Sales

AI in insurance has massively transformed risk management, underwriting policies, and other traditional insurance practices. The impact of AI in the insurance sector has been

How Sales Enablement Can Turbocharge Productivity in Commercial Banks

Commercial banking plays a vital role in meeting the financial requirements of businesses and large enterprises. Sales enablement in this sector is highly complex, primarily

A Day in the Life of a Wealth Manager

We believe that understanding the day-to-day lives, motivations, and struggles of our #feetonthestreet are key to creating a healthy workplace that helps sellers grow. To

How Digital Transformation can build a #FutureFearless Workforce.

We interacted with the leaders from Ageas Federal Life Insurance on their ‘Reimagine Tomorrow’ program. This initiative aims to infuse enthusiasm into the workforce through digital transformation, with the twin goals of enhancing customer satisfaction and refining customer targeting. Excerpts from the interview

AI-Powered Insights – A Guide for Insurance Sales Managers

In Part II of the ‘Age of the AI’ Series, Aparna Kalle, GPM, Vymo, delves into the significance of embracing digital-first sales techniques and harnessing the power of AI to maintain a competitive edge in the insurance industry.

Top 5 Strategies to Improve Insurance Sales

Insurtech firms focus on leveraging digital technology to address customer pain points and provide an enhanced client experience. This could potentially challenge established insurance companies in the market. How can traditional insurance firms increase their sales productivity in the digital era?

AI-Powered Insights: Understanding Multi-Channel Sales Teams in Insurance

In Part I, of our ‘Age of AI’ series, Aparna Kalle, GPM, Vymo presents an overview of AI-driven sales team structures within insurance companies and emphasizes the importance of a well-defined distribution strategy. Read on….

Why a cloud-first strategy will drive the Bank of the Future

Vymo hosted a roundtable with leading public sector banks (PSUs) leaders in Mumbai. Vijayant Rai, Country Leader, BFSI, Microsoft India, was the keynote speaker, and he pointed out that the opportunity for cloud adoption is not slowing down.

Seller Engagement: Key To The Sales Padlock

The SEA market continues to mature with tighter governance standards, data privacy policies, and an augmentation in AI and ML capabilities. The X factor will be industry-focused applications that are able to solve deeply for verticalized challenges, and an intuitive interface that can help boost the overall adoption. For more

From 1 to 10: Ideal Sales Hires for Organisational Growth

Pallav Das, Vymo’s Sales Director- India MEA, reveals the key ingredients for building a successful Sales team

A Step-by-Step Guide to Digitizing Your Lending Business

Business leaders worldwide are adopting different strategies to digitize various aspects of their operations. However, it’s crucial to understand that there is no one-size-fits-all solution that works for all businesses. So, how can you determine which solution is the most suitable for your specific needs? Learn more…

Banking Beyond the Desk: How Automation is Transforming the Role of RMs

Agents, advisors, and RMs are the lifeblood of any bank. And understanding their needs, struggles, and pain points is crucial to empower them with the right kind of support. We spoke to Aditya, a RM, to gain some perspective into his day-to-day life, responsibilities, and hurdles.

How Insurers Can Tackle Climate Change Challenges

July 2023 was Earth’s hottest month on record. Last month, scientists announced that the average global temperature will pass the 1.5C threshold for the first time in

5 Ways to Implement an Effective Lead Management Process

Sales is one of the cornerstones of a business, and an effective lead management process is the key to facilitating sales. Lead management refers to

Tech at the Bancassurance Steering Wheel

We asked FIVE leading experts in Indian Bancassurance (from organizations like IndiaFirst Life, PNB Metlife, HDFC Bank, Bank of Baroda, and more) for advice on how to turn the channel into a profit-generating lever. ALL of their insights are in our latest report – Morph: Bancassurance India Insights. Read on to download the report…

5 ways to improve customer engagement in Banking

In today’s digital age, customer engagement has become a top priority for banks. Engaged customers are not only more likely to stay loyal, but they also become advocates for your brand. How can the right sales strategies enhance customer delight? Know more…..

An interview with Gabriel Kung

Bowtie Insurance, Hong Kong’s first virtual insurer, decided that they must have some physical interaction with their customers and opened Bow Coffee for them to walk in, order a latte and decide the life or health insurance policy that works best for them! We caught up with Gabriel Kung, Chief Commercial Officer at Bowtie Life Insurance Company, to learn more about this unique initiative.

How Sales Teams Can Thrive in the Digital Era

With the increasing importance placed on AI, machine learning, and digitization, it’s all the more important for the banking industry to re-examine its digital strategy. Our interview with Pradeep Pant, Executive Director, Rawstone Technology focuses on the importance of digital innovation in the banking sector….

How to leverage AI to improve Sales Engagement?

For the Insurance industry AI is tech’s next BIG THING and is built on top of decades of existing machine learning already embedded in business processes. Investors are pouring billions into companies based on generative AI. Is it time to take a leap of faith?

Top 3 Coaching Pillars to Boost Your Sales Engagement!

A manager needs to be equipped with the right set of tools to bring about the best results with minimal interventions. Vymo Coach is a sales coaching and training tool that helps managers gain insights into their team’s sales performance metrics. Read on…

Taking Risks and Shattering the Glass Ceiling

When Jennifer Mendes decided to leave the hustle and bustle of Mumbai behind and move to Goa in 1987, everyone called her insane. But, this bold move kick-started her successful career as a Mutual Funds Distributor.Today, she runs her own company with 6,700 clients around the world. Read on…

3 Banking Sales Process Mistakes That Will Ruin Your Bottom Line (and How to Fix Them)

Are your banking sales processes dragging you down? It could be due to improper lead management, lack of coaching, or inaccurate performance tracking. Find out…

Money Talks: Financial Literacy to Sales Success

“Financial jargon can be a roadblock for salespeople when pitching to Gen Z and Millennials, who make up over 60% of the market share. Businesses should focus on coaching sellers to reach this digitally-savvy cohort. Know more…”

Deep Vertical Focus | The Next Frontier in Sales Engagement

Vymo is Gartner- and Forrester-recognized and has just been featured in Gartner’s 2023 Market Guide for Sales Engagement applications. Read on to access the report…

Using Alternate Data to Elevate Your Sales Game

Post-pandemic, India’s financial and demographic landscape has shifted. It’s now estimated to have the highest share of the working-age population by 2052. How can Alternate Data uplevel your sales game? Know more…

CRM For Insurance Agents: A Complete Guide

Insurance agents have to manage a huge amount of customer data, from contact information to policy details. A CRM system can help agents organize and manage this data more efficiently. Know more…

How can Sales Laggards become Leaders?

Did you know that sales reps spend only 35.3% of their time selling?! A rep’s time is often wasted in non-selling, manual, repetitive activities. Technology can stand out as the key differentiator between an average agent and a superstar. For more…

Intelligent CRMs For The Future Financial Enterprise

Financial enterprises should, urgently, invest in their sales technology stack to ‘up the curve’ of their CRM into a mobile-first, intuitive tool that can automate, plan and predict sales outcomes for the seller. What do our salespeople expect today? Find out…

Go Phygital with your credit management

How game-changing will it be if a sales rep can send the right promotional content to the right audience, select the appropriate customer acquisition channel, and uberize debt servicing with digital enablers? That’s what a next-gen banking sales solution brings to the table! For more…

DigitALL: How Can Digitalization Empower The Next Gen Women Leaders?

The theme of this year’s International Women’s Day is #EmbraceEquity. But what’s the difference between equality and equity? Let’s understand this with the help of

Supercharge Sales with ML-based Nudges

Financial Advisors are always on the move meeting clients and prospects. And when they’re at their desk, they’re busy with paperwork, sharing quotations, vetting documents and learning about new products. They hardly get the time to sit down at their computers and update their CRMs. How to make their lives easier? Here’s the answer…

The Future of BFSI Sales: Sales Engagement Platform vs. CRM

If you have a sales team, you surely must have a CRM as well. And you belong to the 75% of the companies that have adopted one.
However, even after implementing the CRM in the best possible way, only 19% of businesses have reported a somewhat positive business impact

Sales Engagement and Valentines Day: What’s Common?

Sales and Valentine’s Day are two completely different topics. But they have more in common than you might think. Let’s take a closer look at what these two things have in common.

TOP Banking Trends of 2023 with Rahul Sharma

As we enter 2023, the Global Economy is set for a slight slowdown mimicking a borderline recession, but what does this mean for the banking

Sustainable Livelihood Initiatives: Everything You Need To Know

Only 3 out of 10 are employed in Rural India! Sustainable Livelihood Initiatives by banks are striving to increase this number through micro-loans, skill development programs, financial education, and customized value-added services.

Banking on SLIs: What’s Next?

The demand for micro-credit in rural India is rising. But, are MFIs doing enough to utilize this great scope and improve their credit culture from the current 10%?

An Interview With Jenn Villalobos

We caught up with Jenn Villalobos, Chief Digital and Technology Officer, Prudential, to discuss digital strategies for Gen-Next Insurance companies. Here are excerpts from the interview.

Top Insurance Trends in 2023 – with Sumanas Kar

Customers today are no longer excited by what their friends buy and need products and benefits personalized to their individual needs. This is leading to insurers scrambling their think tanks to design products, offer benefits that can be multi-selected to offer the best-fit plan. For more….

8 Things to Consider When Buying Enterprise Software for Your Sales Team

A Sales Engagement Platform enables your sales team to identify, execute, prioritize and improve engagements with prospects and customers. Here are eight factors you should look for in a Sales Engagement Platform…

Gordon Ritter on the next frontier of Software

Gordon Ritter, Founder and General Partner, Emergence Capital, outlined software trends and how organizations can derive value from next frontier software like Vymo.

Secure Your Unsecured Loan Business

The unsecured loans market in India is not only highly competitive, it is also a large channel of business. From small to large players, banks are vying for the same customer base. So how to secure the unsecured loan business?

5 ways to increase credit card sales

In a highly-competitive and fast moving environment where hundreds of credit cards are dispatched on a daily basis, customer turn-around-time from application to card dispatch becomes crucial. Vymo provides an ML-based intelligent sales engagement platform that enables guided selling for frontline teams….

Venkat Malladi on building Vymo – one of the fastest growing SaaS companies

Venkat Malladi, Co-founder and CTO, Vymo, is passionate about leveraging the full power of mobile technology and machine learning to develop solutions that can solve

Thinking Ahead – 60% Increase in Lead Conversions with ML-based Lead Allocation

Imagine that you’re in the market for an insurance policy. You start with a basic search online. Find a couple of trustworthy websites and give

Good Relationships Build Stronger Bonds

Traditionally, insurance companies had agents and brokers designated as the primary interaction channel with their customers. The Asia-Pacific agency channel has not materially changed in

Vymo Goals: Realtime Sales Tracking to Help Your Team Ace the Game

Sales people are always busy. They usually have a packed calendar and need to make the most of the working day. All the work that

Bancassurance – Relationships Matter!

Bancassurance is no passing trend.  In fact, if we let the numbers do the talking, it is estimated that the APAC Bancassurance market size will

Getting Meta – Interview With Anil Kuril, CTO at Union Bank

We caught up with Anil Kuril, CTO, Union Bank to discuss the newly launched, “Uni-Verse”– a virtual lounge for customers. For more –

Selling in the new banking normal

Converting prospects into loyal clients is always a great feeling.  But, it’s easier said than done.  To close a successful sales meeting, reps and agents

Surfing the Sales Engagement Wave

We are proud to share that Vymo has been named a Strong Performer in The Forrester Wave™: Sales Engagement, Q3 2022. (Get your free copy

How to Streamline Your Collections Process

Selling loans is the top priority for every bank.  But, the work doesn’t stop there.  Non-Performing Loans (a.k.a a sum of borrowed money whose scheduled

How Can Banks Supercharge Their Lending Systems?

In this changing world, the demand for digital and virtual banking services is massive. The global Digital Banking Platform and Services market size is projected

A Guide To Effective Sales Lead Management

A prospect has shown interest by filling the lead form on your website. The lead sign-up form gives ample information about the prospect’s requirement. Your

An Interview With Ben Toh

Banks and insurers have been rethinking their Bancassurance strategies. According to McKinsey research, personalization, customer experience, and omnichannel engagement backed by digital processes and analytics,

Bancassurance in the Digital Era.

-Reimagining sales engagement in APAC as digital-savvy customers choose the convenience and flexibility of online financial transactions over in-person interactions.  Globally, Bancassurance has emerged as

An Interview with Tricia Wong

We caught up with Tricia Wong, Director - ITC-Asia, after a successful InsureTech Connect Asia 2022  in Singapore and she spoke to us about interesting

Vymo’s In-App Map -Minimum Steps. Maximum Sales Productivity.

Sales reps in the field need smarter plans, faster routes, and easier activity tracking. Vymo’s in-app map helps your team complete their daily activities using the

Six ways a Sales Engagement Platform boosts Insurance Sales Productivity


How Nudging Can Power Sales Performance

Vymo Nudge bumps the right insights to the right users at the right time.

How Can Bancassurance Uplevel Its Gameplan for Growth?

Leading Insurance Experts came together at InsureTech Connect Asia 2022, the largest gathering of insurance leaders and innovators, to discuss 'The Future of Insurance.' We

Vymo Docs – One Platform to read them all

Over one hundred fifty-thousand (150,000) texts were sent by sales reps within weeks of the Vymo Docs feature release in January 2022. Picture this. You've

The Sales Engagement Imperative

Vymo is recognized in the Forrester 2022 Now Tech report that provides an overview of 29 sales engagement solution providers.  According to Now Tech: Sales

Five Skills Moms and Sales Leaders Share

A mom kick-starts her day by checking the children’s schedule: school or holiday, karate or djembe? Soon after, she plans her own day: office, meetings,

The Power of a Nudge

Have you ever wondered how many decisions a human makes in a day? Researchers at Cornell University estimate we make 226.7 decisions each day on

Wealth Banking: Building the Wealth Coaches of Tomorrow.

This McKinsey report forecasts that “in the next five years around 7,000 ‘traditional’ advisors will retire. By 2030, as advice becomes increasingly analytics-driven and automated,

Four tips to boost remote insurance sales productivity!

The US insurance industry, in 2020, collected $1.28TN in net premiums; no wonder it’s so intensely competitive. Managers need to do everything possible to equip

Four reasons why your bank has poor lead conversion

A poor lead conversion rate isn’t just frustrating, it’s also expensive. Given that your bank spends a lot of resources to generate leads, it’s only

Turnaround Your Lead Allocation Process With Vymo.

The largest private sector bank came to Vymo with a challenge. We took it head-on. They had 600,000+ leads in their system, and only 180,000

Listening to Her

The International Women’s Day’s theme for 2022 is, “Gender equality today for a sustainable tomorrow.” Our Product team dug deep into the data to see

The Agent is Passé, Long Live the Advisor

The difference between a great sales agent and a good one - the ability to step into the role of an advisor. But do they

A salesperson’s love letter to Vymo

We managed to lay our hands on this letter by a Sales Rep crushing on Vymo..... Dear Vymo, 'I love you' – that's it, I

Benefits of sales engagement platforms for Financial Advisors

As technology continues to build better heuristics for business growth, the importance of sales engagement platforms is now in focus. Because the Covid-19 pandemic fuelled

Commercial Banking Top Trends for 2021 – Sales and the Digital Conversation

Let’s first address the elephant in the Virtual Room – Data is the new currency, and yet are the Banks of today able to tap

Sales Enablement Best Practices for Financial Services

If you’ve been working in the banking and financial services industry for some time, this scenario may not be unusual for you: Marketing, product teams,

3 Retail Banking Tips to Boost Cross-Selling for Sales Reps

For retail banks, cross-selling has been gaining in importance since a few years now. Earlier, digitalization of banking meant that customers didn’t have to visit

4 ways you can succeed in sales with sales acceleration platform retail banking

Customer expectations in retail banking are evolving and getting more sophisticated. Yet, many banks haven’t been able to translate this into sales. And a strong

Why a mobile-first solution for coaching Commercial Banking RMs is integral?

Commercial banking is not just competitive in the context of immediate sales, it is also competitive about how a bank is able to build stronger,

Fast Forward: The American SMEs Tryst with Digital Destiny

How can a Commercial Bank empower its RMs to hand-hold SMEs through a pandemic and afterward? The pandemic has hustled once personal relationships to migrate

Guide to Coach your Relationship Managers to Build their Business Books

Banks and financial institutions are facing twin challenges. On one hand, the industry is having a tough time hiring fresh talent, since ‘millennials are getting

The SME Dilemma – to be or not to be

How mobile-first RMs will bridge the gap between the traditional and the digital Imagine for a moment you are a Relationship Manager in 2021.  Your

Why is Lead Management for SMB Banking more critical than ever?

The banking industry stands at unusual crossroads today and understanding why that’s so would be a great way to understand why lead management is so

How can we Drive higher Adoption of CRM among Agents?

The on-demand link for the webinar is also available at the end of the blog. The webinar is helmed by  Aalap Gandhi - AVP -

How are Insurance companies leveraging tech for their brokers

From being a support function that just took care of the database, technology has grown in stature as an enabler for all critical operations for

Enhancing Broker Engagement: A Playbook for 2021

The very fact that insurance sales is intensely competitive shows it has a great potential. And as an insurance carrier or a wholesaler that relies

Sales Playbook for the Remote Agent

The on-demand link for the Panel Discussion is also available at the end of the blog In this panel discussion at InsureTech Connect Asia 2021,

Top 9 Benefits of CRM in Banking

Today, no discussion about banking technology is complete without the mention of the benefits of banking CRM. That’s not surprising, considering how positively the software

How banking crm improves customer experience

Today, any new technology platform will have little relevance for banks if it doesn’t address an important question: how can banks improve customer experience using

6 ways Insurance CRM boosts sales productivity

Not all insurance prospects become paying customers. But if your team can’t close a deal, it shouldn’t be because they were too buried in some

How CRM Helps Boost Sales Productivity For Financial Institutions

Sales are truly an impeccable fuel to drive a business. Perhaps this is what makes enhancing sales productivity a crucial part of any organization’s success.

A guide to effective sales lead management

A prospect has shown interest by filling the lead form on your website. The lead sign-up form gives ample information about the prospect’s requirement. Your

Benefits of CRM Software for Insurance Agencies

Insurance companies that have deployed technology have reported gains in nearly every area of operation, from compliance to product development, from operational efficiency to customer

Women in Insurance & Financial Services

In a wildly popular 2015 study, McKinsey made a case for bringing on more diversity at work.  It said diversity at the workplace could bring

Here’s what we learnt from engaging with over 1 Million+ unique leads in India

How different is North India and South India? In the insurance industry, every new person you reach - counts! Selling insurance in India is one

Data Driven Insights on Lead Response Management

Here’s what we learned from managing over 5,000,000 leads Free Download: Best practices for Lead Response Management [ Access Now] Every good sales rep knows

Playbooks for Insurance Advisor Onboarding and Success

In this blog, learn how you can streamline the advisor onboarding process to: Maximize earnings per advisor   Improve qualitative interventions   Reduce advisor attrition Succeeding

AIA Thailand Partners with Vymo to Strengthen its Partner Distribution Channel

With Vymo’s Partner Relation Management platform, the AIA Bancassurance team, is able to closely support their National Sales Heads and Business Development Managers to optimise

Improving Sales Productivity for Consumer Lending in a Post-COVID world

Nobody - regardless of age, enjoys (or ever did enjoy) filling out lengthy forms, tedious queuing to get loans, or red-tapism; seems like digital natives

Boost Agent Sales Productivity with Real-Time Contextual Coaching

Industry data is compelling- however, it’s not clear enough to only prove the impact of sales coaching. Managers need to understand why coaching has such

Upgrading to the Gold Standard in Lead Conversion

Often, sales teams drive through their pipeline blindfolded - reaching out to prospects who aren't even in the running, or over-reaching out, maybe? Ending up

In conversation with Nishant Mehta: Empowering the Next-Gen Agency Workforce

In this blog, we’ll be discussing- A majority of the workforce is on the brim of retirement. How do you enable managers and sales leaders

Boosting Key Bancassurance Metrics with Timely Coaching Interventions & Intelligent Nudges

In this blog, we’re going to be talking to you about how you can Boost your Bancassurance Metrics. We’re in conversation with Rajesh Sabhlok, Bancassurance

Ways Frontline Team Reps Can Adapt During COVID-19

Being nice isn’t enough to bring in new business; you have to show customers why your products are a good fit for their needs. What

Digitizing Product Distribution to Emerge Stronger Post Covid19

In this blog you’ll learn about digital transformation in the BFSI industry, how businesses are functioning amidst the crisis, how daily digital operations, processes, transactions,

The Thumbprint of Sales : Activating Contextual Data Insights

Co-hosting this webinar with us is Michael Gerber, CEO of 360F, Singapore. And we’re in conversation with James Tan, Board Director - HSBC Life (Singapore)

How to thrive in times of uncertainty?

It’s a changing world. In the US, nearly 17 million people filed initial claims for unemployment insurance over the past three weeks, suggesting that the

Field Sales for a Changing World : Ensuring Business Continuity

The shift to remote work has more than nudged insurance companies to rapidly adapt to digital processes and invest in innovative tech for Process, Operation,

Empower Your Next-Generation Sales Leaders with Mobile-First Solutions

Over the past six weeks, the world was shaken to its core. The lockdown forced millions of workers to shift to digital technology in order

Defining Essential Software In Challenging Times

Last week Henry Ward from Carta wrote an internal memo to his company about their impending layoffs. Instead of allowing it to leak, Henry got

Observations from Leading Merchant Businesses on Operating Remotely

With governments globally only allowing e-commerce as an exempted business model during an extended lockdown, brick & mortar retail chains struggle to spruce up digital

Merchant Management: The 5 Must-Have Features for Aggregator Businesses

Consider the following high-growth industries – payment service providers ($3T revenue by 2022 – McKinsey), food delivery platforms ($200B today - Forbes), e-commerce marketplace platforms

Vymo raises $18M Series B led by Emergence Capital and Sequoia India to help on-the-go sales teams #DoMore

Over 50 global enterprises — including AXA, Allianz, VPBank, Sumitomo Life, DuPont and Generali — use Vymo’s mobile-first Personal Sales Assistant to automate data capture,

Strike Gold from your Old Customers: Through Cross/Up Selling

Telling information to your customers is plain selling. To upgrade to up-selling or cross-selling you have to ask them the right questions. Because then you

Sales Management Secrets for Sales Managers

“If you are a Sales Manager, how would you define your role in your company per se to sales management?” It is important that this

Sales Tracking: Smoothening the Trek through the Sales Process

Tracking the actions of the sales team is important even if the impression is that, “We are on the right track”.

Focus On The Right Sales Activities To Win Big

While you should rightfully bring out the bubbly and celebrate your successes, you’re probably also wondering how you can one-up last year’s success. It’s not

9 Mistakes every sales rep makes

  Sales as a function is quite stressful. There are highs and lows, but the sweet feeling of achievement when you close a deal is

AI is here to stay. Have you upgraded?

About five years back, the sales function was at a standstill, no new advancements were happening, and the sales rep carried on their business like

8 reasons why will you never overachieve targets like Dave does

  Sales is a high stress, competitive function with steep targets. Everyone wants to do better and overachieve targets. However, every sales team has a

Why does your sales team hate your CRM?

If you have a sales team, you surely must have a CRM as well. And you belong to the 75% of the companies which have

Partner Relationship Management with Vymo

  Partnerships are vital to growing business. You deserve more than a hacked CRM application to manage your partners and drive best possible outcomes. And

New Year Resolutions for Vymo : 2018

It’s that time of the year when resolutions are in abundance. 2017 was splendid.

Vymo named a cool vendor by Gartner for 2017

Gartner is the world's leading research and advisory company. It aids decision makers to steer towards the best possible software for their needs. Every year

Vymo wins CB Insights’ Demo Day

We are excited to announce that Vymo won the FinTech track at the recently concluded Demo Day organised by CB Insights during their A-ha! Conference

Do you know what prospects or customers are nearby? Now you do!

Introducing ‘Nearby’ by Vymo, a feature that will help your sales reps meet new prospects and customers on their daily routes.Our philosophy at Vymo

Vymo named a notable vendor in the Gartner CRM Vendor Guide 2017

Gartner, the World’s leading research and advisory company, recognises key vendors who have had an impact on the market

Enterprise mobility is ready to take stage. Are you?

Mobility is changing the world. Enough said. The new age organisations are adopting mobility as a core strategy.While there’s a lot of buzz

Best Practices in Sales Rep Location Tracking

Talk with Sales Reps about a new mobile app that enables Sales Rep Location Tracking and you immediately have nervous Sales Reps.

Dashboards should be like movie directors. Working behind the scenes and creating magic on screen.

Not for looking at them (even if they are pretty!). Dashboards should behave like your mentor – guiding you to take the right calls.

AIR Awards 2017: Vymo a finalist in the ‘Technology Provider of the year for Agents’ category

For almost three decades Asia Insurance Review (AIR) has strived to meet the information needs of insurance practitioners in Asia

Yamini Bhat, Co-founder & CEO of Vymo, featured in the ET Startup Awards 2017.

The ET-Facebook Woman Ahead award, whose past winners include Meena Ganesh (Portea) and Anu Acharya (Map My Genome),

Are Indian Banks throwing People at the problem?

With a population of over 1.4 billion people, it’s innate for us to throw people at problems. From local errands to solving national crises

Infosys Finacle & Vymo announce Bancassurance partnership

We are excited to announce our partnership with Infosys to offer an integrated Bancassurance solution with Finacle & Vymo.

Intelligently Managing Work Allocation in Field Sales

Sales is inextricably linked to activities – calls, meetings, and more calls. Salespeople are undoubtedly the busiest folks.

Can Interaction Driven SaaS Address the Elephant in the Room?

Enterprise sales tools until recently were all about how efficiently they store and retrieve data and generate reports.

5 Things You Should Not Expect from Your Sales CRM Solution

The CRM market is predicted to grow to USD 36 bn in 2017 according to a Gartner report. Another statistic tells us that 65%

Don’t Let Your Sales Reviews Look Like Post-Mortems

Sales reviews happen for a reason- to chalk out the success journey of the sales goal. Think of it as planning a fun road trip

Three Ways Predictive Analytics Can Help You Achieve Higher Win Rates

Increasingly, sales organizations are adapting to the new, digital, mobile workforce. Almost every enterprise is jumping

1 critical tip to get a fresh head start for your sales approach.

It is the middle of the summer and another quarter. Sales folks across the world are struggling to shift gears from a splendid

3 Things Game of Thrones Can Teach Sales

Winter has come, yet again. With the new season of GoT out, everyone is waiting to get their hands on it. So while we are

We are all being fooled at work.

Well, it is April 1st and some of us are the receiving end of tricks; but that is not what we are talking about here. We are talking

You don’t need a diamond for this kind of engagement.

Engaging sales folks and field teams in a consistent manner is hard. Be it on an app or in the office or in KRA conversations.

If Cupid Was A Sales Manager

It is Cupid’s season after all. And we are also in the mood for some matchmaking. Well, the matchmaking that is sales.

The era of productive field ‘force’ awakens. And the force is strong this time!

The world’s most famous movie saga was recently back with a bang. And with it, bringing excitement to existing fans