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Top 5 Strategies to Improve Insurance Sales

Insurtech firms focus on leveraging digital technology to address customer pain points and provide an enhanced client experience. This could potentially challenge established insurance companies in the market. How can traditional insurance firms increase their sales productivity in the digital era?

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Seller Engagement: Key To The Sales Padlock

The SEA market continues to mature with tighter governance standards, data privacy policies, and an augmentation in AI and ML capabilities. The X factor will be industry-focused applications that are able to solve deeply for verticalized challenges, and an intuitive interface that can help boost the overall adoption. For more

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A Step-by-Step Guide to Digitizing Your Lending Business

Business leaders worldwide are adopting different strategies to digitize various aspects of their operations. However, it’s crucial to understand that there is no one-size-fits-all solution that works for all businesses. So, how can you determine which solution is the most suitable for your specific needs? Learn more…

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Tech at the Bancassurance Steering Wheel

We asked FIVE leading experts in Indian Bancassurance (from organizations like IndiaFirst Life, PNB Metlife, HDFC Bank, Bank of Baroda, and more) for advice on how to turn the channel into a profit-generating lever. ALL of their insights are in our latest report – Morph: Bancassurance India Insights. Read on to download the report…

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5 ways to improve customer engagement in Banking

In today’s digital age, customer engagement has become a top priority for banks. Engaged customers are not only more likely to stay loyal, but they also become advocates for your brand. How can the right sales strategies enhance customer delight? Know more…..

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An interview with Gabriel Kung

Bowtie Insurance, Hong Kong’s first virtual insurer, decided that they must have some physical interaction with their customers and opened Bow Coffee for them to walk in, order a latte and decide the life or health insurance policy that works best for them! We caught up with Gabriel Kung, Chief Commercial Officer at Bowtie Life Insurance Company, to learn more about this unique initiative.

How Sales Teams Can Thrive in the Digital Era

How Sales Teams Can Thrive in the Digital Era

With the increasing importance placed on AI, machine learning, and digitization, it’s all the more important for the banking industry to re-examine its digital strategy. Our interview with Pradeep Pant, Executive Director, Rawstone Technology focuses on the importance of digital innovation in the banking sector….

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How to leverage AI to improve Sales Engagement?

For the Insurance industry AI is tech’s next BIG THING and is built on top of decades of existing machine learning already embedded in business processes. Investors are pouring billions into companies based on generative AI. Is it time to take a leap of faith?


Taking Risks and Shattering the Glass Ceiling

When Jennifer Mendes decided to leave the hustle and bustle of Mumbai behind and move to Goa in 1987, everyone called her insane. But, this bold move kick-started her successful career as a Mutual Funds Distributor.Today, she runs her own company with 6,700 clients around the world. Read on…

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How can Sales Laggards become Leaders?

Did you know that sales reps spend only 35.3% of their time selling?! A rep’s time is often wasted in non-selling, manual, repetitive activities. Technology can stand out as the key differentiator between an average agent and a superstar. For more…

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Go Phygital with your credit management

How game-changing will it be if a sales rep can send the right promotional content to the right audience, select the appropriate customer acquisition channel, and uberize debt servicing with digital enablers? That’s what a next-gen banking sales solution brings to the table! For more…

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Supercharge Sales with ML-based Nudges

Financial Advisors are always on the move meeting clients and prospects. And when they’re at their desk, they’re busy with paperwork, sharing quotations, vetting documents and learning about new products. They hardly get the time to sit down at their computers and update their CRMs. How to make their lives easier? Here’s the answer…

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Top Insurance Trends in 2023 – with Sumanas Kar

Customers today are no longer excited by what their friends buy and need products and benefits personalized to their individual needs. This is leading to insurers scrambling their think tanks to design products, offer benefits that can be multi-selected to offer the best-fit plan. For more….

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Secure Your Unsecured Loan Business

The unsecured loans market in India is not only highly competitive, it is also a large channel of business. From small to large players, banks are vying for the same customer base. So how to secure the unsecured loan business?

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5 ways to increase credit card sales

In a highly-competitive and fast moving environment where hundreds of credit cards are dispatched on a daily basis, customer turn-around-time from application to card dispatch becomes crucial. Vymo provides an ML-based intelligent sales engagement platform that enables guided selling for frontline teams….