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You don’t need a diamond for this kind of engagement.

Engaging sales folks and field teams in a consistent manner is hard. Be it on an app or in the office or in KRA conversations.

Wouldn’t we all love to have a smart assistant by our side who knows what coffee we want, when we want to schedule meetings, what day of the week we want to review targets, what type of people we want to meet with in the morning vs afternoon? All of this is great, only if you assistant knows your preferences. Imagine if you had to tell them these, repeatedly.

So how can you create this smart assistant for someone who routinely needs to meet with 5-6 leads a day, visit 15 locations and create a sales funnel to meet $1million targets? It starts at the at the top; and trickles down to the last step of the funnel. Machine learning and deep learning can truly elevate your sales strategy and field force productivity. By doing each task such as allocation, scheduling, reminding, goal setting et al better, the overall outcome increases manifold. And when done well, the engagement and adoption numbers go up, organically.

Today, let’s look at two specific top-of-the-funnel tasks; and what deep learning can achieve. Overall, if this is working right for you, you’ll see the numbers go up, without doubt.

Lead allocation

  • A/B testing to identify best allocation strategies; and factors that impact conversions
  • Identifying and incorporating leads that work for reps. Every rep has a behavioural pattern and corresponding skills he’s naturally good at
    Creating rep persona types, resulting in targeted skill training and KRA tracking

Calendar and route optimization

  • Suggesting a schedule and sequence of events, prioritised by customer type or backlog or location
  • Creating best routes to minimize travel and maximize productivity; consistently
  • Enabling every rep to become a better planner – preset preferences/ patterns based on behaviour
  • Creating opportunities for the rep to clear his backlog/ take proactive actions for the immediate future



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