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Content Lead

Rashmi George, the Content Lead at Vymo is an unapologetic cat whisperer. When she's not cuddling her furry friends, you can find her nose-deep in a fantasy or finance book, dreaming up her next travel adventure. With over a decade of experience writing for ad agencies, financial institutions, and media production companies, Rashmi knows how to craft content that captures attention and drives results.

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Seller Engagement: Key To The Sales Padlock

The SEA market continues to mature with tighter governance standards, data privacy policies, and an augmentation in AI and ML capabilities. The X factor will be industry-focused applications that are able to solve deeply for verticalized challenges, and an intuitive interface that can help boost the overall adoption. For more

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How can Sales Laggards become Leaders?

Did you know that sales reps spend only 35.3% of their time selling?! A rep’s time is often wasted in non-selling, manual, repetitive activities. Technology can stand out as the key differentiator between an average agent and a superstar. For more…

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Go Phygital with your credit management

How game-changing will it be if a sales rep can send the right promotional content to the right audience, select the appropriate customer acquisition channel, and uberize debt servicing with digital enablers? That’s what a next-gen banking sales solution brings to the table! For more…