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Do you know what prospects or customers are nearby? Now you do!

Introducing ‘Nearby’ by Vymo, a feature that will help your sales reps meet new prospects and customers on their daily routes.Our philosophy at Vymo

Introducing ‘Nearby’ by Vymo, a feature that will help your sales reps meet new prospects and customers on their daily routes.

Our philosophy at Vymo is geared towards driving outcomes. Maximising productivity of reps and sales teams is at the core of this philosophy. So, what constitutes productivity? The difference between a top sales rep v/s bottom sales rep is, essentially, what happens between calendar events. Nearby helps sales reps do precisely that in an intelligent way.

What is nearby?

Nearby schedules activities for sales reps based on location intelligence. More specifically, it helps sales reps,

  1. Meet more customers and prospects in the pipeline
  2. Pick up unaddressed opportunities and self-allocate leads
  3. Close more renewals and up / cross-sell opportunities
  4. Reach out to cold prospects for new business

Meet more customers and prospects in the pipeline

Let’s imagine that your company sells Practice Management Software to doctors and clinics. On his daily route, your sales rep meets his first prospect for the day, Dr. Smith. In the course of that meeting, he is assigned a new lead by his Manager, who is closer to his current location than the next prospect that he was originally supposed to meet. With Nearby, he can now accept the new prospect and optimize his route for the day accordingly.

Pick up unaddressed opportunities and self-allocate leads

Now, imagine your sales rep is at the doctor’s clinic for a demo of your awesome Practice Management Software. But, the doctor is held up by a couple of emergencies. Your sales rep’s next meeting is quite some distance away from his current location. With Nearby, he can look up unaddressed leads in the vicinity and convert them to opportunities, so his time for the day is more productively utilized.

Close more renewals and up/cross-sell opportunities

Imagine that you are in the business of selling insurance. Your persistency ratios (rate of renewals) are a cause for concern. A possible reason is that your sales reps are prioritizing new customer acquisition over servicing the existing ones. With Nearby, your sales reps are flagged current customers whose renewals are due shortly or those who are likely to be potential for cross/up-sell opportunities in the vicinity, so they can keep these relationships warm while not disrupting their daily schedule.

Reach out to cold prospects for new business

Say your marketing team has gathered a database of leads for your home insurance offering. Generally, addressing these leads is an independent activity that comes at the cost of the daily routine. But, with Nearby you can sync these cold leads into your database, so if your sales rep has time between calendar activities in the day, he can reach out to these leads and meet them on his daily schedule itself.

The end result

More prospects and customers met per day per rep than average.

With Vymo the entire process is automated at scale. So, every sales rep in the organization is prompted to meet more prospects and customers, saves more time and effort on his / her daily activities and improves their odds of success at meeting their sales quotas. Sales Managers and Leaders can, now, spend less time on qualitative interventions on the field and be more optimistic about their Teams’ sales forecasts for the quarter.

What are the business benefits?

Many Vymo customers are already using Nearby. And they find value in:

  • Contextually identifying up/cross-sell opportunities

Mine accounts further and increase the deal size through improved customer interaction and effective lead allocation.

  • Reduce qualitative interventions by Managers and Leaders

Coach sales reps into proactively achieving their quotas through intelligent system prompts and suggestions.

  • Improve rep productivity and increase customer interactions

Optimise calendaring for sales reps and increase number of meetings per day and engagements per lead.

Says Rajarshi Chakrabarti, Regional Head (West) at Treebo Hotels:

“With Vymo, I’m able to coach my team members by joining them for the right meetings and calls with the clients.”

Sales reps, who are using Vymo, can now take advantage of:

  • Increased pipeline of relevant leads

Sales reps can, now, interact with more relevant leads which are optimized based on their seller profiles and priorities.

  • Reduced time and effort in activities

Nearby optimizes calendar and activities, hence more time is made available for relevant prospects and customers.

  • Improved chance of success

By optimizing the lead funnel and increasing time spent on relevant prospects, sales reps improve their odds of success.

Says Kanik Vijay, Territory Sales Lead at Treebo Hotels,

“The Nearby feature is very useful as it tells me the customers in the vicinity whom I need to go and meet with..”

In conclusion…

Most Sales Force Automation (SFA) systems are diagnostic in nature, their scope ends at identifying gaps in performance or processes. Vymo is prognostic in nature and goes beyond; proactively working with Reps and Managers in improving their productivity & outcomes. Again, unlike most SFA systems, Vymo’s primary user is the sales rep on the field.

Want to know how Nearby works? Schedule a demo.



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