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A salesperson’s love letter to Vymo

We managed to lay our hands on this letter by a Sales Rep crushing on Vymo…..

Dear Vymo,

I love you’ – that’s it, I have said it! Phew! And I’ve said it over and over again in my e-mails, tweets, and posts.

You ask me WHY? 

Why do I prefer you over the rest? What’s it that makes me come back to you again? Why is it that I spend on average an hour with you daily?

The market is chock-a-block with pretty options – flashy CRMs, old-fashioned spreadsheets, passing fads. But these questions torment me every second I’m with them – ‘Are we made for each other? Do we sync? Do they understand my pain points? C’mon, do they even notice me?!’

It was like my needs were ignored.

To be frank, I was disappointed…. Until I met you. 

You’re a whole level ‘different.’ You are engaging, enabling, and empathetic. 

Your digital- first features blow my mind –  

  • How you gently nudge me to prioritize my actions and make the right decisions. 
  • How with your help, my manager is able to pre-emptively coach me based on past experiences.
  • How you encourage me to learn from the best practices of star performers. 
  • How you share gold-standard playbooks to meet my sales goals.  
  • How you effortlessly multi-task by calendarizing meetings, scheduling activities, and integrating with Zoom, Whatsapp, and MS Teams.    
  • And how you take the load off me by automating daily repetitive tasks (Man, I tell you,  those conventional CRMs are data-diggers! All those precious hours lost updating data when I could have concentrated on stuff that matters, such as wooing prospects!)  

This shows how much you care, and that we’re a winning team

For a salesman’s life on the road can be tough. It’s good to have a partner, and a friend who walks with you – one who suggests the next-best actions, helps close deals and takes part in your growth.   

And yes, one more thing before I bid adieu (for now)– how does my day look like tomorrow?

Your ‘Crushing’ Salesperson 


Did we win you over? Here are a few more reasons why Vymo is the ‘ideal’ partner for sales teams across leading enterprises:

  • Our Daily Usage Rate of > 75% is unheard of in the enterprise world; for comparison – Slack has 50-60% adoption, CRMs around 20-30%.
  • Over 250,000 users across 65+ global enterprises trust us to improve their sales productivity.
  • Gartner recognized us as a Representative Vendor in their Sales Engagement Market Guide

Interested in a steady, long-term relationship? Let’s meet



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