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The Sales Engagement Imperative

Vymo is recognized in the Forrester 2022 Now Tech report that provides an overview of 29 sales engagement solution providers. 

According to Now Tech: Sales Engagement Solutions, Q2 2022, in Forrester’s Marketing Survey, 2022, when B2B marketing decision-makers were asked their biggest points of focus in the next 12 months, their top initiative was broadening channel demand programs (e.g., email, events) to support customer engagement. In Forrester’s Winter Sales Survey, 2022, companies with revenue of $10 million-plus named the tools they find most helpful, and sales engagement tools topped the list. 

It is evident that sales engagement solutions are a highly valued technology within the sales or marketing tech stack. This is because companies know these tools help deliver results. 

Gartner too highlights the readiness of organizations to embrace intelligent sales engagement. Their 2021 market guide that featured Vymo says that executive sales leaders overwhelmingly name sales engagement, the interactions between sellers and buyers, as their top priority. 

With both technology research giants scoping sales engagement platforms, the writing on the wall is amply clear: sales engagement drives business outcomes that are hard to ignore in the next decade of growth. 

What outcomes should an enterprise expect from a sales engagement platform? 

Vymo has worked with 65+ financial institutions globally, and the core requirements remain consistent across verticals. Gartner outlines eight core requirements of a sales engagement platform that are as below:


  1. Simplify the seller experience and increase the likelihood of completing prescribed steps across selling scenarios.
  2. Improve the speed and quality of a seller’s engagement based on high-intent buying signals.
  3. Reduce seller burden of low-value, time-consuming data entry with automation.
  4. Identify situationally aware, relevant messaging suggestions in the context of the seller’s workflow.
  5. Manage enterprise-scale implementations with protection from data and recording compliance violations.
  6. Increase seller adoption of multiple buyer engagement channels via product integrations. 
  7. Optimize content, workflows, and seller productivity with advanced engagement analytics.
  8. Augment existing revenue technology investments by integrating their use into a seller’s workflow.


A good sales engagement platform must deliver on these eight core requirements to provide powerful outcomes for a business. The benefits of a sales engagement platform are explored in the Q2 2022 Forrester Now Tech report and they cover enhanced seller efficiencies, increased omnichannel capabilities and improved insights based on interaction capture.

The Vymo sales engagement platform is built to do precisely this. The platform accelerates the sales process towards conversion through the following features:

Dynamic lead allocation to ensure leads are funneled to best-fit agents based on product specialization, funnel efficiency, location and other rules. 

Nudge sales engagement through contextual advice on best behaviors to improve conversions on leads and flag learning interventions where necessary.

Automated lead workflows that configure various sales processes, including interfacing between disparate teams like Claims and Underwriting.

Prioritization based on business rules (policy amount, renewal date etc.) and nudging customer engagement proactively.

Prescriptive nudges that align incentives and goals to activities and improve time spent on activities thereby improving sales productivity. 

Rich analytics,  real-time data and automated event-based triggers that help scale up manager effectiveness

A good sales engagement platform is a business imperative for improved sales performance. The 2022 Now Tech Forrester report and the 2021 Gartner Market Guide have brought this up to the front page, underlining the necessity for one.



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