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Vymo’s In-App Map -Minimum Steps. Maximum Sales Productivity.

Sales reps in the field need smarter plans, faster routes, and easier activity tracking. Vymo’s in-app map helps your team complete their daily activities using the most efficient route.

Utkarsh Gupta, Product Manager, Vymo, speaks with us about what’s next.

Tell us more about Vymo’s In-App Map feature.

Sales teams rely heavily on location information of the prospects as they plan their activities based on the regions they need to visit in a day. With Vymo’s in-app map feature, users can visualize their day/week by optimizing the distance traveled and time taken to engage with leads.

Vymo Maps Blog Testimonial 2How do sales managers and reps benefit from Vymo’s In-app Map?

Often on-field sales teams have multiple meetings lined up in a day across town, making it difficult to plan accordingly. Vymo’s in-app map solves this dilemma by finding the most efficient route between different locations. Sales teams can:

  • Find distances and projected travel time between locations.
  • Calculate the shortest route, so your reps don’t waste time.
  •  Scan through the map to locate nearby pins in the search area.
  • Sequence meetings for easier visualization of their timelines.

A recent feature or enhancement that excites you the most?

Definitely the ‘Workflow Simplification’ enhancement of Vymo’s in-app map that enables users to take relevant actions in minimum steps. For example, we introduced the ‘Route for the Day’ tab, where the user can see all the planned meetings of the day at a glance. A few taps are all it takes to:

  • Schedule a meeting against a nearby ‘Pin’ close to that day’s route
  • Schedule a meeting from the zero screen
  • Reschedule a meeting
  • Take quick actions like call/message against a scheduled meeting

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