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Listening to Her

The International Women’s Day’s theme for 2022 is, Gender equality today for a sustainable tomorrow.” Our Product team dug deep into the data to see how the IWD’22 theme percolates into our core belief of  ‘Beyond Diversity’. Here’s what the data revealed:

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These numbers tell a fascinating tale of determination, hardwork and resilience . Reports after reports indicate that women outshine men in sales given the right opportunities. 

We decided to reach out to a few Women in Sales, understand their challenges and do a quick dipstick on how Vymo has added value to their work-life: 

Susan Jones, an agent at one of the leading insurance companies in the USA, meets around 300 customers a month. Apart from collections, Susan handles beneficiary payments, change of addresses, and new sales, including asking for referrals and dropping her visiting card and brochures at the customers’ locations. 


“My day is spent convincing people to get insurance. People only get what they want, but not what they need. This is an everyday challenge for me. Searching for locations shouldn’t be one of them. I find value in their (Vymo) route mapping as I travel around the city.”

Sandhya (Manager, Apollo Munich, India) plans ahead for the month, which is then split into weekly goals. She depends on agent and branch reports sent by the Operations teams to track overall progress.   


“The numbers are important. With Vymo, I can correlate the number of activities per agent with engagement and possible outcomes. It also tells me the location and time spent by each agent.”  

For Sheetal Das (Agent, ABSLI, India), the workday begins at 9 am as the Scrum has been added as an event in the Vymo calendar. After attending the Scrum, she gets on a zoom call with her manager and the team. The rest of the day goes in planned calls and completing pending tasks. 


“I spend 20 minutes daily on the Vymo app. The Lead Management system is user-friendly. The app we used previously didn’t show all details related to activities. But Vymo has it, which is good. The best thing about Vymo is that I can track what I’ve completed and plan what I’m supposed to do.”


Thank you, ladies, for the vote of confidence! We’re glad to be able to support you as you go out and seize your opportunities/ crush your quotas /bring revenue to the table. 

Every day we learn something new from our Sales teams working on the ground. Every day we try to make those tiny changes to make the life of an agent simpler. Every day we go beyond…. beyond the ask, beyond the numbers, beyond diversity.   

Vymo believes that a diverse sales team is the way ahead. Women bring in a lot more value to the table – beyond diversity. 

Click here to read this article on why our CEO Yamini Bhat believes that Diversity Hiring is a strategic business decision.



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