The era of productive field ‘force’ awakens. And the force is strong this time!

The era of productive field ‘force’ awakens. And the force is strong this time!


Niveditha Viswanathan

Head of Product & Marketing, Vymo

The world’s most famous movie saga was recently back with a bang. And with it, bringing excitement to existing fans while also creating a new wave of followers. In true spirit of the title, it has rekindled the ‘force’ of fandom.

And interestingly, provides a parallel or two to our favourite teams in the work’force’ – enterprise sales teams. Here is how we think sales teams can take a leaf or two from the new Star Wars movie.
1) It is time to re-awaken the force within sales teams. Enough has been said about hiring the right sales teams, creating the right incentives and mapping the right markets. It is now time to provide an easy way to enable each rep and help sales teams get maximum conversions while on the go.
2) The ‘Resistance’ needs to help. Sales teams have a ton of inbuilt inertia. And don’t want to spend any time entering and updating data. They don’t want to cache, want to cash-in. And need an intelligent buddy by their side.

3) Every rep needs a co-pilot. Like Chewbacca for Han, every sales rep needs a co-pilot who can handle his calendar, tell him what’s coming his way and help him stay ahead of the curve, at all times.
4) There is a map leading to the answer. For every manager, there is a pattern that works for his/her team and unique success factors that result in every rep’s success. Each rep is unique; and one needs to enable relevant patterns for each salesperson.

While the business ecosystem has evolved tremendously in the past 5 years, sales teams are getting their mojo back with mobility solutions that unlocks their potential. It is the era of smart buddies in the form of intelligent apps. And the sales’force’ is only going to get stronger; as large organizations embrace the digital era. Do you have your mobile strategy in place yet, to increase your sales by 50%?

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