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Enterprise mobility is ready to take stage. Are you?

Mobility is changing the world. Enough said. The new age organisations are adopting mobility as a core strategy.While there’s a lot of buzz

Mobility is changing the world. Enough said. The new age organisations are adopting mobility as a core strategy. While there’s a lot of buzz around enterprise mobility, successful Fortune 500 organizations have only scratched the surface.

Here’s what mobility does for your organization:

1. Communication and collaboration in the organisation becomes real-time and seamless.
2. Decision making and TAT comes down drastically, as inputs, updation and data can flow through without much effort.
3. Course correction and market-responsive changes can be effected immediately; and communicated across locations.

In short, mobility lets every employee and leader carry the organisation with them, wherever they are. However, there are some principles that help you embrace the full magic of mobility for your enterprise . In this blog series, we will be uncovering one topic at a time. Let’s start with the most common interpretations of mobility.

Mobility solution = an app on my mobile phone. (And I can always build it in-house)

A true mobility solution is a confluence of three important features – 1) real time data, 2) business intelligence and 3) proactive decision making. While an application can be the channel, that’s the wrapping on the gift. What lies inside, goes far beyond just the tech aspects of the application. Here are some aspects that, when incorporated ensure that your business productivity truly scales to higher levels.

Mobility is the same as translating desktop to a mobile screen

A mobility solution is not the reimagination of existing web/ desktop solution on a mobile app. It is a mobile-first thinking that achieves the same business goals, but in a contextual, localised and personalised fashion. It involves delighting the consumer with relatable workflows and assisting him to achieve his/ her goals.

The KISS of mobility

Keeping it sharp and simple is the key to achieving success from mobility. Design, usability and intelligence are key to any mobility solution that you want your employees to adopt. The solution should be such that it mirrors a day in the life of your rep; and does not create additional tasks (there are enough distractions, already). It should keep the motor running, so that while your sales rep sleeps and wakes up, he has intelligence that he didn’t possess earlier.

Set aside your thinking hat (for a bit)

A mobility solution should provide respite to you; and release bandwidth from what is not in your absolute core workstream. How far am I from my targets? What kinds of accounts have I opened up this month? What is my weakest link in closing deals? How do I achieve more without increasing my workload? These analytics, course correction measures and business decisions can be prompted with zero manual time spend. A good mobility solution is like your rockstar assistant; who knows your strengths and gaps, prompts what to do contextually and always ensures you have a good day.

Many enterprises across sectors have started making mobility central to their strategy and vision. It is quickly becoming the next big charter to scale business growth. So make sure that you are ready to warmly welcome mobility into your enterprise.



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