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DigitALL: How Can Digitalization Empower The Next Gen Women Leaders?

The theme of this year’s International Women’s Day is #EmbraceEquity.

But what’s the difference between equality and equity? Let’s understand this with the help of a story.

Once upon a time, there were two children, a boy and a girl, trying to reach an apple on a tree. The boy was taller and reached the apple easily, while the girl struggled. Seeing this, their father gave the girl a small stool to stand on, making it easier for her to reach the apple. This act of equity allowed both children to enjoy the apple equally, regardless of their physical differences.

Equality is like giving everyone the same size of shoes,
But if some have bigger feet, they’ll still lose.
Equity recognizes different needs and abilities,
And aims to level the playing field with accessibility.
Equality is a goal we must always pursue,
But equity is what helps us get there, too.

Similarly, in today’s rapidly changing world, ‘DigitALL’ transformation drives an equitable environment for both men and women.

Embracing Equity 

For this blog, we interviewed two amazing women from Vymo who use technology in their lives daily.

Both these women discuss with us how tech has empowered them to #domore while balancing work-life. Lastly, they go on to give their advice to all women entering a DigitALL workforce today.

We reached out to Lidya Indoe,  Business Development Manager, Vymo – Indonesia.

Here is how our conversation with Lidya went.

1.How are you using digital technology to drive Vymo’s growth?

“As an Inside Sales representative, most of my activities involve knocking on doors and profiling new customers. Hence, technology supports me in mapping accounts and connecting with them. Previously, most of these activities were done manually, and were a bit complicated.”

2.How does digitalization empower you as a woman?

“The advent of digitalization has made it easier for working mothers like me to keep an eye on our children’s activities and also gives us the feeling that we have an assistant. When we’re too tired and busy to prepare food, technology can help us order food easily, and distance is no longer a problem.”

blog inner image 2

3.Lastly, what is your message for present/future women entering the workforce?

“Embrace the fact that you may face some difficulties at some point, but just hang in there and you will eventually overcome them!

Digital Connections

Aligned with the growth trajectory of Vymo, Shreyasee Basu, Customer Success Manager, Vymo- India discussed with us her experience and take on digitalization.

1.What is the importance of  digital transformation  for organizational success?

“I believe an individual employee’s growth is important for a company’s overall success. Using digital technology enhances my productivity and motivates me to contribute to Vymo’s growth.“

2.How does digitalization help you maintain work-life balance?

“Managing multiple roles is easier through digitalization and the use of life-saving apps. It has helped me prioritize self-care, which is important for a balanced life. Lastly, digitalization has helped me leave a positive impact, focus on strengths and be vibrant in every interaction.”

blog inner image 33.What’s your message for women entering the workforce?
“Loving and taking care of yourself is not vanity. It is sanity. 

Focus, Prioritize, Ask for Help, Speak Up, Be Heard, Work on your Strengths and then you see how balanced life can be. 

Be so vibrant that you leave a bit of color in every life you touch!”

A ‘DigitAll’ transformation has empowered women and created work spheres that ‘Embrace Equity’.

Both Lidya and Shreyasee use digital technologies to streamline their sales processes, increase productivity, and ultimately achieve significant career success.

Furthermore, companies can leverage a broader range of perspectives and experiences by creating a diverse workforce, leading to more innovative solutions and better business outcomes.

The Power of Digitalization: How it Can Help Next-Gen Women Leaders

According to a Forbes article, digitalization can help promote gender diversity in the tech industry by creating more opportunities for women. “Digital technologies provide a level playing field for women and men to succeed, regardless of gender,” the article said. 

One such inspiring example is Yamini Bhat, the co-founder of Vymo. Yamini is a trailblazer in the BFSI tech industry and has been recently recognized by BW Disrupt 40 under 40 as one of “India’s brightest young entrepreneurs, innovators, and game changers”. Incidentally more than 42% of Vymo’s employees are women.

Let’s celebrate the digital age as an opportunity to embrace gender equity and create a more inclusive and empowering world where equity is not just a buzzword but a lived reality for all!



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