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Vymo Docs – One Platform to read them all

Over one hundred fifty-thousand (150,000) texts were sent by sales reps within weeks of the Vymo Docs feature release in January 2022.

Picture this. You’ve finally got an in-person meeting with the prospect you’ve been nurturing for three months. Sarah, the prospect, gives you 15 minutes to convince her, ‘So Roger, you say that your company’s health insurance policy is much better than XYZ. But Newton of XYZ tells me that their insurance covers a wider range of medical issues. And it fits my budget too. I’m not sure if I….”  

It’s the classic now or never situation. 

Time to impress your prospect with the detailed five-pager that the Product Marketing team slogged over for two weeks. But…But when you need it the most, you can’t find it! Was it Slacked or WhatsApped? Or is it on the Drive? Maybe the marketing team emailed it, and you never downloaded it? And the handy printout is no longer at hand!

You start panicking. Your prospect looks bored and reaches for her phone.  

That was a scene straight out of a sales representative’s worst nightmares. 

What’s the solution? How to access useful information quickly? How to get a single view of all relevant information in one easily navigable repository? 

We recently caught up with our Vymo Docs Product Manager– Digvijay Dey, and he explained that a sales rep faces several challenges when it comes to accessing sales collaterals on the go

  • Users have to maintain a large repository on their phones. There is no central place from which they can fetch marketing collaterals.
  • There is always a possibility of sharing the wrong or outdated collaterals with the leads/prospects.
  • It is difficult to keep track of who shared which documents with whom. 
  • Users were writing their own texts, which were often substandard. As a result, client confidence took a hit as there was no way to verify the authenticity of these messages.

Store. View. Share.

Vymo Docs was created to provide a single pane of view of all your sales collaterals – no hassle of toggling between different apps or searching for the latest updates at the last moment.

With Vymo Docs, users can:-

  • Predefine text templates from the Web App. They can use these predefined templates to communicate via channels like SMS and WhatsApp from the Mobile app.
  • Personalize messages based on the lead’s name, email address, product, user’s phone number, names for signatures, etc.  
  • Create a content repository on the Web App for the users to refer to and share from the Mobile App.  
  • Enable accessibility permissions at the content level, such as who can view, edit, or share the content.   
  • Access a predefined personalized template. No more sharing content through private channels causing security concerns and inconsistencies in messaging

Vymo Docs Info

What’s in the pipeline?

Document Tagging: Ability to add multiple tags to each piece of content for better organization and retrieval.

Content Analytics – Reports on content opens, views and downloads.

Web Experience – Upload and view content on the Web App.

Search and Retrieval – Ability to search the content repository with advanced filters.

In our ‘Why Vymo Series’ Vymo’s Product Managers share valuable insights on how Vymo increases sales productivity and improves business outcomes. This recent  blog on ‘The Power of a Nudge’  explores how sales teams benefit through contextual nudges. 

Interested? Talk to our sales team today.

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