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Deep Vertical Focus | The Next Frontier in Sales Engagement

Vymo is Gartner- and Forrester-recognized and has just been featured in Gartner’s 2023 Market Guide for Sales Engagement applications. Read on to access the report...

Sales Engagement Applications (SEAs) have emerged critical to revenue and growth for sales functions in large enterprises. Enterprises are discovering the advantages of leveraging tools that are beyond customer data repositories; dynamic, intelligent CRM systems that are driven by data analytics and machine learning algorithms.

For a while now, SEAs have helped B2B sellers move away from,

  1. Toggling between multiple applications into one interface(single pane of glass) with advanced UI capabilities
  2. From little planning to improved planning with advance sales cadences, and messaging channels.
  3. Manual operation of various channels to execution of touches with minimal clicks via a single platform
  4. Manual to automated CRM entry of activity data improving the quality of data by leaps and bounds
  5. Limited visibility to full visibility into aggregate activity, touch-pattern effectiveness, and individual touch effectiveness
  6. Ad-hoc coaching from ride-alongs to complete analysis of approach, messaging, and conversation to provide feedback. 

And SEAs have matured to be able to deliver value to sellers through these core capabilities:

  1. A unified experience – This will increasingly become non-negotiable as sellers try to maximize their daily productivity. If an average sales person requires about ten apps (think CRM, voice dialer, email, social messaging, video, content management, compensation management, chat and so on) daily to perform various business functions, it is even more important to stitch the user journeys together across different apps, and provide a single pane of glass view.
  2. Streamlined workflows – By building playbooks for task management, activity management, calendering capabilities, document workflows and lead allocation and prioritization – SEAs are able to seamlessly execute sales workflows.
  3. Playbooks – Capabilities that allow sellers to build a library of sales cadences with predicated series of steps and engagement efforts ensuring compliance and parity in communication.
  4. Guided selling and coaching – leveraging AI to provide contextual nudges to sellers on the next best action and aggregating best practices across the organization to coach sellers on best sales practices.
  5. Integration capabilities – integration with existing CRMs/data lakes, communication applications, workspaces and advanced integration capabilities based on the enterprise tech stack.
  6. Enhancements – Beyond the scope of the engagement applications, SEAs provide the ability to configure the app for the unique needs of sales organization roles, hierarchies and needs.
  7. Governance and compliance – SEAs have built capabilities to meet the internal and external regulatory and data privacy policy requirements. 

As SEAs continue to expand their capabilities to ensure quicker and faster deployments, interconnected user experiences, leaner tech stacks, and cost savings, what is the next immediate frontier? What X factor can prove to be a differentiator in this market? 

Deep Vertical Focus.

Every industry has different regulations, the way they run businesses is different and their seller needs are different. SEAs with domain expertise, having worked exclusively for an industry vertical can help them understand a vertical deeply and solve for these specific sets of challenges like no one else. This verticalized focus vastly improves daily adoption rates encouraging sellers to embrace the app and include it as part of their daily routine. 

Beyond core capabilities, as SEAs mature to use deeper and advanced AI, analytics,Machine Learning, building domain-specific solutions will add to the efficacy of an SEA. For example, 

Vymo is focused on banking and financial services. Having worked with 65+ banks and insurance enterprises globally, the platform is used by 350,000 sellers and clocks in at 80+% Daily Active Users (DAU) with sellers using the app for 60 minutes/day on average. 

Vymo is Gartner- and Forrester-recognized and has just been featured in Gartner’s 2023 Market Guide for Sales Engagement applications. Click here to read the report.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

Annapoorna R

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Annapoorna heads Content at Vymo. She has twenty years of experience across journalism and corporate communications.

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